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    kitchen waste disposal removal

    yeah its definitely bigger than 90mm. i found a pdf online of the instructions for the disposal unit and theres a note saying" the sink hole may have to be enlarged to accept the disposer sink flange. sink hole enlargement tools are available from your insinkerator dealer" although I suppose...
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    kitchen waste disposal removal

    hi all, we've just moved house and found out the waste disposal in the kitchen sink is broken. as its not something we'd ever really use anyway I want to just take it out and replace it with a standard drain. the trouble is, it looks like the opening in the sink may have been make bigger to...
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    Indesit maching machine - Pressure switch jammed on full

    hello all, we're having a bit of trouble with out indesit PWE 91472s washer. it stopped mid-cycle today and displayed an error code F05, which after googling , found out it means the pressure switch is jammed on full. for the last couple of weeks its been making a loud rattley buzzing...
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    drainage holes in upvc door

    hi, we have a upvc tilt and slide patio door, and its been letting a lot of water in the last few weeks, it had me baffled for ages trying to figure out wheres its getting in. I think the problem is being caused by the seal around the opening part of the door leaking water into the bottom of...