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    Powermax alarm

    About 2 years ago I purchased a powermax alarm system which has generally been fine. About 6 months - a year ago, I purchased some magnetic contacts for the doors with the idea that I could arm the system at night so that it was secure. This was all fine. However, when the alarm is on in...
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    Worcester 35 CDI

    Have a homeserve policy with npower. Bypass Manifold was leaking. Which they have now replaced. However I am left with an intermmitent fault. Sometimes when CH or HW demand is given the boiler will click and sometimes will then light, or often will not and the CH Demand light will flash...
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    Wireless alarms

    Never had a problem with Visonic PowerMax+. These are insurance approved too. (If fitted by endorsed installer)
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    Worcester 35 CDi Pressure Gauge

    Earlier on the Boiler went off and indicated an air flow fault. Repeatedly fast flashing hot water demand light. I have had a leaking Bypass adjuster screw and thought maybe this was the reason. I decided to empty the boiler by opening the PRV. The indicator didn't change. When filling it didn't...
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    Worcester 35 CDi Leak

    Sorry to be a pain. Can anyone point me to an online supplier. Cheers.
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    Worcester 35 CDi Leak

    Would it be suitable just to replace the screw?
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    Worcester 35 CDi Leak

    Cheers. How precise do the turns need to be? Is it possible to replace the adjuster screw? Would the PTFE tape be considered a permanent fix?
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    New CCTV system

    Where are you based? The kit you want is pretty standard, but quality and prices of DVR and cameras vary quite significantly. A CCTV system isn't too difficult to setup yourself. And you can buy some simple cheap systems designed for the DIY-er. B&Q do a cheap setup. If you want...
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    Installing CCTV - newbie

    Any standard DVR can do the recording functions you require. Look for the cameras which operate at the lowest lux levels possible. These will be adequate for working with street lighting. Especially if they switch to black and white when light is poor. You will probably need an infra red lamp...
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    cctv advise

    Most of the crap on ebay, is that, crap. How much were you looking at spending? And you wanted the cameras inside your house? To be honest, a lot of the cameras are pretty ugly, not something I'd want in my house. I'd be more inclined to mount a minature dome at the exits of my house, and on...
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    What would you recommend, VGA or PAL output?

    Easiest way would be to run some coax. It's very cheap and if you don't want to buy a reel, I believe you can buy it by the metre from some places. If you are near heathrow I can supplyyou some decent length offcuts for free. Depends how much you need.
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    CCTV cameras with RJ45 connectors

    I would recommend a DVR that can use twisted pair. It may not be necessary to have an RJ45 connection if you can find which pair is transmitting video and which pair is carrying the power. It will give you more options. Although if you want it to be simple, then you could just replace like for like.
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    Worcester 35 CDi Leak

    I have an old Worcester 35cdi. Last Xmas it went a little crazy and needed most of it's cards replaced. Which forced me into a homecare agreement with British Gas. The agreement ran out last week, and this week it has decided to spring a little leak. Nothing more than a drip at the moment...
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    HotPoint Mistral Door Problem

    I have a problem with my Fridge. The door has dropped and no longer triggers the switch that turns off the light and starts the condensor when the door is closed. I only noticed this when the high temperature warning light came on. For now I have jammed a roll of tape between the freezer and...
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    Replacing a Pressure Release Valve

    Ok... I am showing my inexperience.... And who tries these things at 9pm at night???? Ha Ha It seems to be working fine now... Thanks for all help... I have decided I will also get a CORGI engineer in to service the boiler... I have just moved into the house and I think it's a...
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    Replacing a Pressure Release Valve

    OK.... I have changed it but.... I need some help... May have to call an emergency plumber... Now the pressure doesn't drop, but the boiler lights for a few seconds and then shuts off with a shudder.... Any ideas?
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    Replacing a Pressure Release Valve

    I am very much new to plumbing, so far my experience has been in unblocking a few u-bends and plumbing in a dish washer with a self cutting extract pipe..... I had a problem with my combi boiler... A worcester 35CDI.... It had been losing pressure regularily and needing to be reset multiple...