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    Light Switch wire advice

    I want to replace an existing 1 gang light switch. The existing switch has two wires combined into M and one wire into L1. The new has L1 and L - which do I put from the old into the new. Left = old / Right = new Thank you so much for the help!
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    Electrical underfloor heating

    Hi guys, Setting up the controller for electric under floor heating. The controller is asking: "Select the approximate load of the heating element (w) to estimate installation power consumption (kWh)." I asked the electrician who installed it and he said "It is 150W per m2 - you have 2 m2...
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    Cracked tile advice

    I need some advice please. Had a new kitchen built and floor tiled with underfloor heating installed. This was end of July Floor has just started to crack on two different sides, only hair line cracks but across the middle of 2 tiles. Builder has said he will lift the tiles to examine to see...
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    Order for renovation

    Hello, We have bought a project house we are going to modernise. Below is the list of what we plan on doing, just wondering if anyone thinks the order could or should be improved. Many thanks, New windows New front door New consumer unit New plugs/move switches Knock down lean...
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    Tap fitting help

    I am trying to fit a new mono block tap to existing valve. Problem I have is the flexi tales fitting does not fit the valve and the nut that came with doesn't help. I know I need to either buy new flexi tales with correct fitting or a new thing to join the existing valve and tale - does...
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    Tap loose

    Hello, Firstly apologies if this is very basic, never done any DIY with taps/plumbing before... The taps on my bathroom sink have became very loose. Upon inspection the nut under the sink has came off and the washer below the tap and above the sink has broken too. Can I buy a new washer...
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    Damp advise please

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help advise me on a damp issue.. The property is an upstairs purpose built maisonette. The stairs are inside the property and are concrete. The inside walls in this area are plaster and painted, the outside wall is pebble dashed. Originally...
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    Dimmer light switch issues

    Hello, I bought a ‘Varilight Premium 400w remote dimmer’ I had it installed with the rest of the wiring was having done, could have done it myself but got it included for free with other works. Intermittently the light switch will not function (turn the lights on) via touch or remote control...