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    What size cable

    Unfortunately i and nobody else on here will be able to help until you have your spark in to asses things, you may require RCD protection if it's not currently on that circuit, the cable will probably need to be protected mechanically so would that be SWA, MICC, or something else. how the cable...
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    What size cable

    What size does the electrician doing the installation say? What is the actual load? Why are you asking this question? Are you planning to do the work?
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    Is this waterproof?

    WTF that can't be a DB surely, oh well at least it's accessible.... Oh hang on it's not unless the visiting spark has a set of hedge cutters.
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    Ring Main no Earth!

    Check you have not screwed down on to the green / yellow sheathing instead of the wire on the face plates that you re-fitted, as this if this was done on 1 side of a socket your socket & see would still show a good earth.
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    Hallway lights not working

    No new wiring run should be needed the face plate (if metal) just needs a short earth wire attaching between the brass earth terminal and the back box, you appear to have earth at the back box already but the screws on the plate appear to screw in to plastic on the sides of the box so thus you...
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    Hallway lights not working

    If that is a metal face plate in pics 3 & 4 then you need to turn off that circuit and get a new spark in, it needs an earth from the face place to the back box. If that black wire is live then you are lucky to still be with us.
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    ip rating help

    Been out the game a bit but the last OSG that i have 17th AMD1 Page 83 8.1 Fig 8.1(1) has a diagram displaying the same zones as EFLI has stated.
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    No power.. All mcbs RCD and main breaker dropped...

    It's either a loose connection or trapped insulation in the terminal but I would not expect just a drill to cause the frying so I'd go with loose connection. As JohnD says it's a job for a spark really you just don't want to be sticking your fingers in there it's all very much live. Maybe you...
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    No power.. All mcbs RCD and main breaker dropped...

    Don't know not up on smart meters really, only things I can think of are quite rare, loose main tails dislodged by fault current and main switch knackered by fault current but In my experience the circuit mcb is knackered normally. Loose tails you would normally see some arcing on the board, no...
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    No power.. All mcbs RCD and main breaker dropped...

    Not taking the p1ss here but has he just moved into the property and not realised he has a pre-payment meter has he? I've see it before. Apart from that I am baffled!!!
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    No power.. All mcbs RCD and main breaker dropped...

    Is there a switch fuse between the meter and the cu main breaker? If the cu is over 3 mtrs from the meter you would normally expect that to be the case.
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    No power.. All mcbs RCD and main breaker dropped...

    Probably main fuse blown network operator will replace foc normally within about 4 hours, don't tell them about the maybe dodgy drill or he could get charged. Tell him not to use a neon screwdriver to check for live they are lethal search youtube to see why. Get the drill checked or just replace.
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    Does This Lamp Exist?

    Found one on Amazon that looks like it fits all your criteria, however they are currently out of stock. But at least you now know that your pants needn't get wet with blowback.
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    The little red light of frustration

    My guess is that's going to annoy you until you sort it, you might as well just wire it up as it should be or it will be bugging you. You clearly know what's wrong and as you have worked it out for yourself you should have the ability to put it right.
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    Quote of £998 from UK Power Networks to disconnect supply

    Have you asked for a quote for moving the head, as JohnW2 quite rightly points out for the DNO the disconnection involves digging up pavements etc. However you may find that they are willing to move the supply head for free or for a more reasonable fee you could then a month or so later ask for...
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    DIYIdoits's shower cable question.

    Only if you are creating a new circuit, this thread was so mixed up earlier that was the the impression I got of your intention, but now reviewing the thread in a more complete aspect that I understand is not what you are doing. If any new socket or bathroom circuits were to be connected to the...
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    DIYIdoits's shower cable question.

    That 100ma RCD needs swopping for a 30ma RCD like the other that you have.
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    Light switch wiring (2 switches, 3/4 wires, old colours)

    You have probably knackered the switch by creating a dead short, you or anybody else on here cannot unjumble the mess that the wiring is currently in the only way to solve it now is to get a spark on site to test what is what he can then work out what goes where. If you carry on playing Russian...
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    Age of meter

    Just wondering but what now then, do you want the meter changing or something? If so then I don't think anyone would change a meter purely based upon its age! :confused:
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    NIC BRCS Notification Website Down

    Displaying as invalid certs for me. Says it's up and running though.