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    Bathroom tap diverter - where can I find a replacement?

    Hello all, I have a diverter valve on a set of bath taps which operates 100% correctly however the lid/cap to lift the valve up and down has detached and no amount of strong adhesive will keep it held in place for a decent amount of time (4 wks). Wet fingers on the metal valve leads to just...
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    Replace Myson CP53 with Grundfoss 15/50?

    Thanks Burnerman, yep the hairline 3 / 4mm crack was right on the edge of the join / and or now what i'm reliably informed is an 'air seperator. I'll ask for the whole lot to be replaced to err on the side of caution. Are these air seperator products in any way manufacturer specific to the...
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    Replace Myson CP53 with Grundfoss 15/50?

    Update: Johner and I attempted to replace the pump and it did not go well! The nuts above and below the pump had effectively seized and would not budge. The force applied with the wrench has caused a small hairline crack to appear in the air jet device which is a few inches above it. (The...