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  1. fazedup71

    HELP..Leaking biasi diverter- step by step guide to replace

    Cheeky monkey! A step by step guide to doing ourselves out of work! Page 1 tell the customer how to fix boiler!! Page 2 Get no work because of page 1
  2. fazedup71

    Fault on Ideal boiler

    It's ****ed!!! That's my most accurate diagnosis
  3. fazedup71

    Powerflush before new boiler?

    Clear water coming out of the bleed for a few seconds doesn't tell you if the system is clean or not. A full drain down will give you some idea along with taking a few radiators off. I like to put my flushing machine on and see what I get out of the system, if it is clean I stop, I try a...
  4. fazedup71

    diverter valve actuator/stepper motor not moving

    You can test to see if the diverter head is getting the correct voltages from the board, it's pretty simple to do but if your not confident with a multimeter then best left to someone else. You will however need a RGI to change the board on your boiler as it has gas related settings!
  5. fazedup71

    issues with ideal he24isar boiler no heating or water

    Love to see Ideal boilers in the CC!
  6. fazedup71

    issues with ideal he24isar boiler no heating or water

    Well great so is every boiler company going to join? Then when someone has a problem they all go after the repair work! Is it not bad enough they try to steal the servicing work from us once we have fitted one of the **** boxes in the first place!
  7. fazedup71

    ariston micro 23.MFFI air pressure switch

    I think that particular pcb works on several different Ariston boilers, if it is not set up correctly it can cause problems, also it is recommended that the domestic hot water flow sensor is changed at the same time as the pcb. The domestic hot water flow sensor is in a small black plastic box...
  8. fazedup71

    Chaffoteaux et Maury Britony Combi 80 flame pulse.

    It doesn't sound like your close to getting it working at all!! My advice is get a registered gas engineer to fix it for you! You've thrown parts at it, stop being tight and pay someone to fix it!
  9. fazedup71

    Leaks in new central heating pipework

    if he is spraying his joints straight after soldering it will be a problem, the joint should have cooled sufficiently first, I never use a spray, just a slightly damp soldering rag
  10. fazedup71

    Biasi Boiler not firing up

    soon as you get your approval, post your question in the combustion chamber and one of us will point you in the right direction :D
  11. fazedup71

    Biasi Boiler not firing up

    and your gas safe registered? sounds like a simple fault, why did you change the fan?
  12. fazedup71

    Automatic Bypass Valve continually rattling.

    is the valve fitted the correct way round? check the arrow on the side of the valve it should follow the direction of the flow pointing to the return. Does your valve make a screaming sound? these valves need setting up, if the valve is not set correctly it can scream like a biatch. He...
  13. fazedup71

    Does anyone recognise this boiler

    this is very true, look how easy that PRV is to get to now, 30 second job, obviously after the dust has settled :D :D
  14. fazedup71

    Does anyone recognise this boiler

    looks like a Worchester junior
  15. fazedup71

    Leaking valve

    I got one from Pts, I think pegler still make them :)
  16. fazedup71

    Cast iron boiler efficiency

    I personally think the older stuff with less electronics is more reliable than the modern stuff, give me a thermocouple over a pcb filled with surface mounted mcu's. Maybe as the tendency is to swap out for combination boilers, which I don't agree with compared to a simple open vented steamer...
  17. fazedup71

    maximum size consumer unit

    Sorry I really made a mess of explaining, you have however given me the answer, the consumer unit is 100 amp and the sockets are protected with a 32 amp mcb, the lighting circuits are protected with one 5 amp mcb, I guess both circuits are connected together, the heating system is gas so there...
  18. fazedup71

    maximum size consumer unit

    Firstly I am a heating engineer so my question is to satisfy my own curiosity, I have been working on a small terraced out getting it ready to rent out, sadly its had a warm front fitted heating system, so I have had a few issues to correct. The electrician on the job had a few more issues...