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    Galaxy G2 Tamper Alarm not sounding

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me why the tamper alarm isn't sounding when a tamper is created on the above panel. It just beeps once and shows alerts. I've attached a video to demonstrate. Cheers
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    Please please please, Can you put something in the sticky, whereby it mentions that when the user has disconnected a PIR or sounder or any other peripheral while the system is live, that they may have blown a fuse in the end station. Obviously advise of mains being present needs to be in and...
  3. J

    Honeywell Flexguard

    A friend gave me a Honeywell flexguard break glass detector, the one with the tamper (FG-1625T). It is installed in my home directly opposite a window, roughly 2.5 metres away. Now the problem... IT WON'T STOP ACTIVATING! :evil: :evil: :evil: The sensitivity is turned all the way down...
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    Powering a sounder

    When a sounder is in alarm, is the current drawn from the bell + and- terminals, or the siren and strobe trigger wire?
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    Magnetic contact on a magnetic door?

    Need a bit of advice.... A friend wants their garage alarming. The main garage door is separated into thirds, with 1 third of it being the main door, and 2 thirds another door that cannot be opened without opening the main door. There are no windows, and the garage is only 4 foot deep...
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    Premier 24 status display

    Anybody know how to get a premier 24 to display its status permanently i.e the ready and info led's, rather than hide them until a code or prox tag is put in/swiped? Thanks
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    Secom bell box's

    Just having a drive out yesterday and can't help notice that all Secom bell box's seem to have a separate strobe on them, like in fire alarm systems. Anybody know what this is and what its for? Is it called a confirmed light or something, as on their site...
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    Gardtec cpx vo-comm

    Does the gardtec cpx have a ren value, with regards to connecting it to the phone line. I am wanting to use the vo-comm feature. Also, it says it is able to send messages about opening and closing of the system. Does it use a specific number to contact mobiles? I've heard these can be...
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    Telephone lines wiring and broadband issues!!

    After having slow broadband for ages, i decided to do some investigating. I checked some of the cable runs from each socket and found that one of the sockets in directly wired to the grey box on the outside of the House, not the BT master socket. Could this be the cause of my measly 256kbps...
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    Need Advice on relays!

    Just need a bit of help.... I have a Euro Mini alarm which i need to trigger an LED when the power fails. I have one of the outputs set as Mains healthy, because the mains fail setting has a delay of 20 mins. When the power fails, the mains healthy output de-activates immediatley, so...
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    The ring wire

    Just a quick question, my internet connection speed is naff, and after reading this forum, i think the problem could be with the ring wire. Had a nosey in the Bt master socket, and i have an extension connected to most of the terminals. Could i just basically disconnect the ring wire? Would i...
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    Weired noise from soundbomb

    I have an MDT Avanti alarm with prox RKP. Inside my house is a soundbomb and every so often, it gives of like 3 clicks and a very low frequency buzz for about 5 mins, then stops, Why is it clicking and buzzing? Also, how warm should the endstation get, i've got 3 pir's 1 viper and a door...
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    Internet Connection speeds

    Wonder if any of you chaps could offer some advice.... My internet connection speed is shocking, a measly 325 ish kbps! The broadband is tiscali, who have apparantly merged with talk talk, and this speed is constant throughout the day, with the odd fluctuation of around 10kbps. When you...
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    Would it be possible to swap a Mk3 keypad to an Mk7 keypad on the above panel?
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    Fire Alarm queries

    I have a Cafe bar with a properly installed fire Alarm, serviced anually and i carry out all the required tests, call points, detectors, sounders etc. It isn't monitored. Some of the detectors are in silly places eg. A smoke detector outside a kitchen door! Anyway, i just find it odd that in...
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    Galaxy 8

    Just recieved a galaxy 8 alarm and mk3 pad. Just a few questions before installing. Looking at the manual: How do you wire a speaker to the system? It doesn't seen to explain it clearly in the manual thanks
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    Veritas 8c

    Hi all, i recently installed a veritas 8c alarm. Recently, the alarm has been randomly going off, 24hr led, Zones 4,5,1 have all been randomly going off when unset. Checked the programming and all looks ok along with the cable runs and connections at the panel. Is it time to replace the...
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    Scantronic 9448

    Hi all I have a scantronic 9448 that was installed about 15 years ago. It has 3 zones and a separate entry/exit zone. We have 6 pirs and 1 door contact. Over the years we have had our house upgraded and had more pir's installed. I am looking to replace the panel and have realised that the...