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    Lead Flashing Above Bay Window

    Hi, I've recently re-coated some old lead flashing in Evercryl as it had some small pin pricks and cracks in it. It seems to have done the job and to be fair its never leaked, it was mostly done to try and make it look neater. However it really hasn't and i'm left wondering if there is...
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    Ideas for garage door paneling

    Hi guys, I'm just after some suggestions with what to do with our garage door, at the moment it's just boarded over with ply and has a 1/3 door opening. It'll never be used for a car. I'm thinking of pvc shiplap cladding it Ash black to match the rest of the exterior but wondered if anyone...
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    Pyronix Enforcer gone high pitched!

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. Basically our alarm went off the other day and ever since, the internal speaker inside the control panel seems to have gone high pitched! I'm assuming that this is a problem with the speaker that I could just swap out and...
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    Tudor Boards - replacing

    Hi, I'm not really sure of the best option to refurbish our mock tudor fronting. I have attached a picture of what its like currently, we are in the process of a re-roof and extension so now is a good time to sort this whilst we have scaffolding up. I was looking at the tudor pvc boards, but...
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    Composite doors - which one to choose?!

    Hi! I'm in the process of choosing a new front composite door. The best prices I've had is... Option 1 Solidor - £1170 fitted Option 2 Door Stop foam filled door - £875 fitted Is the Solidor really worth the extra £300ish quid? Thanks! Dave
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    Re-panelling garage door

    Morning. I am about to have a go at re-panelling our garage door. As you can see in the picture, the panelling and sheet of wood behind are rotten at the bottom and arent really in much of a decent condition all round. The stud work behind looks fine though. My idea is to pull all the old...
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    1st floor extension over utility room & garage - ideas?

    Hi, I have been planning the layout of extending our 3 bed detached to 5 and adding an en-suite for a while now, but wanted to gauge peoples thoughts and ideas! We haven't committed to appointing and architect yet so we are in the early stages of thinking what we want where. I have attached...
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    Plasterboard sits proud of door liner after what?!

    Morning, We have just had one of our rooms boarded and plastered, however now the boards sit proud of the original door liner. Whats the best way to tackle this issue? I have been told to get some wood to bring the liner out so that it would meet the architrave (when fitted), however where...
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    Soundproofing between joists

    Hi, I am about to put up a stud soundproofed wall in our semi-detached house, the room is located against the party wall. I am lead to believe that a lot of sound can travel across the joists as they run horizontally straight through into next doors. So I thought before I start work on the...
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    Help with removing kitchen tap

    Hi guys, Could any one give me any advice on how to remove this tap (picture attached)? I thought the screw should have a nut on the end? Or hasn't it been put in correctly in the first place? thanks, Dave
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    Options on replacing a flat leaking roof

    Hi guys, I would like some opinions of what to do with our roof! It’s currently leaking through into the kitchen and was wondering if the whole thing should be replaced? (I think the answer is going to be a replacement rather than a repair!) If I was to replace it, what options do I...
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    Fitting Honeywell CM927 to Worcester Greenstar 30 Combi

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to double check these connections before I install the wireless thermostat. The Honeywell instructions show T1 and T2 terminal which my boiler doesn't have. So ive done some reading through this forum and come up with this... I'm guessing I would remove the cable...
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    ProfilePlus shower part - what is this called?!

    Hi Guys, Quick question, what is this part called (highlighted in red).... Is it a part i need to buy from the shower manufacturer or something i buy and cut to fit, like a self adhesive strip?! many thanks! Dave[/img]
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    Adding wireless thermostat to Worcester 30 HE combi boiler

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if the above is at all possible, how hard it is to do and what wireless thermostat would people recommend? We currently just have a digital wired unit which is just a standard timer/on/off digital device with TRV's on all rads. online manual for the boiler is...
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    Gap in engineered wood flooring

    Hi guys, So I laid some engineered wood floor today, everything went well except on my first row there is a tiny gap where I can see the tongue of the groove through. Its not that bad because its under the radiator so its only because I know that its there that it annoys me! Can i just get...
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    Snap together engineered wood floor between door frames

    Hi Guys, Quick question which has been puzzling me for a while. So im laying snap together engineered wood flooring in our hall, I have cut out the door jambs to fit the flooring under, I understand how to slide the flooring under the door jamb when im fitting the flooring length ways but...
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    Wickes pre-finished skirting board - any good?

    Hi guys, Just about to buy pre-finished skirting board from Wickes... Can anyone comment on the finish of these and if its possible to repaint without sanding (with satinwood) if the finish isnt as good as we...