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    Water discolouration

    For some months now, we've noticed a light blue residual left in the bath below the taps. The water drips for a while after using the shower head (which we only use for washing the dogs) and then a few days later we notice the blue. It cleans off ok - just wonder what it might be?
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    Painting a radiator

    Just used the water based Dulux undercoat and gloss with great success on skirting. On the tin it says for wood or metal Does anyone have experience of using this on radiators?
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    Crown or Dulux

    I need to repaint some skirting. Last done about 8 years ago. Can I use the one coat paints (they were done with full gloss before) If so, Crown or Dulux for the better gloss finish?
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    Pipe sleeves

    I have grey 10mm pipes going to my rads. I was able to buy white covers but can no only find 15mm - anyone know of a supplier?
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    Water softener connected wrong way round

    We just had our kitchen refitted and have discovered that the plumber fitted the inlet and outlet incorrectly which has resulted in limescale in a few places, most noticeably on our shower screen. What would the trades people recommend to effectively remove limescale? Thanks
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    New TV for grandchildren!

    Sorry for all the questions, but we only have Currys in the town who have very limited tech knowledge. We currently have sky using our own dish with two cables. We want a small TV in the playroom for the grandchildren that we can play Netflix on as well. If I buy a smart TV with Free-sat...
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    Samsung Built in Cooker on/off light

    The on/off light on our samsung built in cooker has never worked - now 3 years old. Model number BQ2Q7G078 The cooker works absolutely fine, except the failure of this light to come on. We only realised recently that the light should work, but Samsung don't want to know. The appliance came...
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    My electrician fitted eight of these in my kitchen ceiling two years ago and two have failed. How do I change the bulb?
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    10 mm pipe sleeves

    Our central heating has grey 10mm pipework. I found some 10mm pipe sleeves but now they seem to be out of stock everywhere. I have tried using 15 mm but they don't work as well. Any ideas, please? Cannot take up the floor and fit 10mm white pipe, by the way.
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    How come this hasn't been picked up for 15 years??

    This picture shows the position of flues from my two boilers (heating and hot water) as well as a vent. Our new gas engineer says this is illegal (not enough space between flues) and we need a new combi boiler as re-positioning of the water heater flue is not possible. This was a purpose built...
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    Connector needed

    Can anyone tell me where to get this black connector please? I assume if you click on the link, you will see what I am talking about! Cheers Bazzer
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    Building regs prior to 1992

    Is it right that if an extension was built prior to 1992, then building regs and planning permission has no bearing as it was done over 14 years ago? I know it should still be checked, but is there any danger of local authority or bearded conservationists can cause a problem for us? Not in...
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    Alpha CB24 hot water problem

    Sorry - new user and didn't realise I couldn't add to an original post so have reported here My plumber has given up and told me I should call out the Alpha engineer at a one off cost of £300. My problem is intermittent hot water, no problem with CH. if I override and switch the CH on, I get...
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    Apha combination boiler problem

    My plumber has given up and told me I should call out the Alpha engineer at a one off cost of £300. My problem is intermittent hot water, no problem with CH. if I override and switch the CH on, I get hot water, although not as hot as when the hot water works without the CH on, which it does...