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    White Asbestos Packing to Window Boards ? Help!

    Help, in trying to remove existing window boards in a 1970's ex local autority house, i've come across some white fibrous packing (see IMAG0003 in my album) that rests between the underside of the window boards and top of timber grounds.....i was having trouble removing the lost headed nail from...
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    Correct Floorboard Dimensions - Ex / Nominal / Actual sizes

    help! - I'm getting confused with floorboard trying to replace damaged PTG softwood floorboard and measuring then results in their o/a size being 115mm W, 21mm Th. (assuming that you include the tongue in the measurement) However looking at Wickes and some Timber merchants thet...
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    Filling gaps between T&G softwood flooring

    does anyone know of a neat trick of replacing (infilling) the gaps between softwoof T&G flooring (where the tongues have been cut away to lay pipes) - i've read about wood filler, resin and wedges, but is there anyway to match the recessed joints of the adjoining boards (apart from laying a new...
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    removing headless nails old window boards

    help!, have tried to remove old window boards but am only suceeding in knocking out adjacent plaster as i am struggling to remove the headless nails, have tried to use a cats paw by chiselling away at adjacent timber but the movement (to the timber gounds beneath is causing the plaster to crack...
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    polyurethane varnish on old softwood flooring

    having ripped up 30 year old carpets on the first floor we are thinking of coating the plain T&G softwood floorboards with a 'dark oak' (ronseal type) satin polyurethane varnish. As the board are quite old some of the boards will need to be replaced but most are okay if not a little stained...
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    Wide irregular gaps to upvc windows

    hoping this is the right place for this quey, having removed the wallpaper to the window reveals, i've found wide and irregular gaps to the upvc windows of my parents house. The gaps were bodged with lots of white silicone which i've now removed as we are intending on painting, so gaps look...