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    Toilet keeps running after flush

    Hi, my rak 600 toilet has suddenly started playing up. After a flush out keeps running a small trickle into the pan. If i move the blue plastic bit it stops. Can anyone advise on how to repair this please?
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    Cleaning concealed shower unit

    Hi, I've got this concealed shower unit which says I need to clean the water cartridge filter. It's 9 years old so I was considering the thermostatic valve. I can't seem to remove either! I am hoping that I don't need to remove the silver face plate as this is stuck fast to the wall! Can...
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    Water softner

    Hi the mains feed around the house is 15mm. However it comes in at 32. It then goes to my water softner before going around the house. I've got a split for the kitchen tap so that is hard My question is would the be any benefit going 22mm to the water as softner even though it would go...
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    One radiator will not work

    Hi, Over the summer we drained the system and refilled it (plumber drilled hole in pipe). Since firing up the heating one radiator will not work. I've gone through the balance and the final radiator still does not work. The numbers indicate the order in which they heat up. The kitchen front...
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    3 tab shingle help

    Hi I think I'm being a biff! I've got a roof which end to end is 3.7m. I've got 3 tab shingle to lay. I've done it before but a long time ago. All the videos say start with a full tab. However when it reaches the end it leaves a piece about 3cm wide. Each new row should be cut 6 inch...
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    connect beam to 4x4 post

    HI, i am about to build a small pitched roof timber structure. It has 4x4 posts and is only 3x3. What is the best way to connect the beams on the corners? I know I could notch 6x6 but those posts were too big for my needs. I am attaching 2x6 as the beam. I was reading that simply bolting it...
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    Pitched roof pavilion

    Hi, I am looking at building a pitched roof pavilion 8x 12. I've seen some free plans which had used 6x6 for the 4 post. This seems a bit much. I was going to replace it with 4x4. Its going to have a plyboard roof with shingle. Would you think this would still be strong enough? I was...
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    LED Tape light caught fire

    Hi, We had some LED tape strip installed 5 years ago. It is suitable for outside but in any event it does not get wet and is not exposed to sunlight. This morning I wokeup to find it has burnt outIMG_20200106_085943 by PCAnimal posted 6 Jan 2020 at 9:00 PM I've disconnected it now. Upto the...
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    Hi my builder is fitting firedoors and has given me a choice. He said he could fit intumescent strips into a router gap on the doors or attach strips to frame. I'm getting oak composite firedoors Im not sure which to choose.
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    Fire doors

    I've got nice 35mm oak doors but part of planning says i need to replace them with fire Doors. It's a shame but has to be done. The new doors will be 44mm and the door jams are replaced. Will this leave a gap on the gripper? Do they also need replacing?
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    Painting upvc windows

    My mum has mahogany upcv windows and was going to replace them all. However she asked me about getting a company in to paint them white. I see some companies on line who spray them. Has anyone ever had it done? Any thoughts or recommendations please?
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    Mini poe cam

    Hi I've got a hikvision nvr and 3 cameras . I'm looking to buy a really small poe camera for the front door. Something that is a similar quality to ring. The smaller the better as i just want to cover front door. Does any one have any recommendations ? Thanks
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    Replace grp

    I had loft conversion and the bc plans had a 3 layer felt. However the builder put a grp fibre one down. It looks great and will last a long time. However in heavy rain its a noisy. Is it easy to felt it now or put a epdm on top? Just trying to reduce noise.
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    Double layer plasterboard backbox

    Will a double layer of plasterboard take a plasterboard backbox? Being double thickness i would think it could struggle to grip. Any views?
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    U and c track

    I'm about to build a small partition against my wall. I've seen the video using metal u track on header and footer then inserting c sections. As im not plaster boarding both sides. As such would the the c sections need to be screwed in the u track? The videos I've seen show them using the...
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    Hi I am just about to embark on decorating a bedroom. I've ripped the ceiling down and am now left with a blank canvas. I want to install some sound reduction to the party wall but its a minefield! The party wall block work and a plaster finish. I was thinking of the following: 1. Install...
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    I'm redecorating a bedroom and i can hear everything from the front room. I'm going to install acoustic rockwall in the cavity as there is nothing in there. However the flooring is old interlocking t&g. There are lots of gaps from various plumbing over the years. It was suggested i rip it up...
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    Resilliance bars or x2 soundblock

    Hi I've got a partywall which isnt too bad for sound. As im decorating and installing a new ceiling i wondered what would be more effective. Resilliance bars and 1x soundblock or 2x soundblock I don't want more than 1 with resilliance bars as i think i could lose too much. Any views please?
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    Hot radiator

    Hi, I have a problem and I'm looking to diagnosis it. The heating has been off due the funny thing in the sky. When i have a shower the radiator (closet to tank and no thermostat fitted) in the bathroom becomes hot like the heating is on. Ive also had to top up the ch system which has gone to...
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    Faulty pressure washer

    Hi, my dad gave me a clarke pressure washer 140. I used it yesterday to blast the patio and it worked like a dream. Today i went to use it and nothing happened. No fuse blown no noise just silence. It was suggested that the capacitor could be faulty. Sadly my dad passed away recently so i...