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  1. J

    Ceiling rose dead

    Many thanks back tracked from a replacement wall switch fitted last week, poorly done it had 3 red wires. swapped around and now all is well Many thanks again
  2. J

    Ceiling rose dead

    Yes there is sorry for poor picture it was hidden in the pic
  3. J

    Ceiling rose dead

    Hi guys I have a downstairs toilet, it has a pull switch cord switch, there is an extractor fan which is 20 years old so disconnected the live some months ago. None in household has reported when the light stoopped working. I have used a multimeter to measure between live and earth etc but...
  4. pull switch

    pull switch

  5. Ceiling Rose

    Ceiling Rose

  6. Extractor


    blue, yellow and red, I disconnected Red months ago as the fan is more a noise generator than extractor
  7. toilet light

    toilet light

  8. J

    Wiring Advice for 2G 2W light Switch

    It may be quick and dirty, thats the best kind lol, many thanks it does the trick Do I still need to earth the plate as the screws will connect the plate to back box
  9. J

    Wiring Advice for 2G 2W light Switch

    Is it the case on old switch the 2 Gangs are opposite directions compared to new one.
  10. J

    Wiring Advice for 2G 2W light Switch

    Hi fellow members Hope you can assist bought new 2 way 2 Gang switch unclear as to wire the new one. Old switch controls one hall light and two other lights top and bottom of stairs but as you can from picture of existing switch a link wire is used. Advice on how to wire new switch...
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  12. Untitled


  13. New Switch

    New Switch

    replacing the 2W 2G Switch
  14. upper stairs 1 gang (operates upper stairs and low

    upper stairs 1 gang (operates upper stairs and low

  15. J

    Hallway light switches

    Apologies for previous pic of switches. I hope the extra ones can be seen clearly. Upstairs it is a 1 gang switch. The 2 gang switch at bottom of stairs- the right hand side black and red wires is the switch to turn on lower hall light
  16. lower stairs 2 gang

    lower stairs 2 gang

    the red and black (Righ hand side switch the lower hall light
  17. lower hall switch

    lower hall switch

  18. J

    Hallway light switches

    when the switch for lower stairs 1 gang is on and the switch on lower hall is turned on I get a flickering and yes they are energy bulbs
  19. J

    Hallway light switches

    I have uploaded pics to album[/list]
  20. upper stairs 1 gang

    upper stairs 1 gang