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    Low profile shower tray.

    Hi, currently browsing the net for a shower enclosure for our new extension, about 1200mm x 800mm. All of the trays now seem to be the low profile type, but we are installing it onto a solid screed floor. Is this at all possible (waste access) or is there an alternative we should be looking...
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    Floor screed

    Thanks for the replies but after ringing around today I think I am gonna buy ready mixed. I have another room of similar size to do so if I buy 1 meter it should be enough to do the lot, with no mixing involved. £175 Delivered so it doesn't work out much more than the raw materials plus I...
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    Floor screed

    Hi, I am going to have a go at my first floor screed next weekend after I have been and bought a mixer. Is there a formula for working out materials? I will order a jumbo bag of sharp sand but I need to know roughly how many bags of cement I will need. Also will a retarder help or not? The...
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    help finishing off window trims/cils

    A couple of pictures might help. :roll:
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    Metric Door Frame - How many bricks high?

    Yep, as noseall said.
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    copper pipe under screed

    Quick question. Laying heating pipes under screed in extension, but need to know the name of that tape to protect the pipes from cement screed. Thanks.
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    Replacing Clynder Lock for the Patio Door

    Won't need to if done correctly, as I have done this 100's of times. Had to replace about 50 cylinders using this method on a building site after all of the keys were stolen.
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    Replacing Clynder Lock for the Patio Door

    Undo the screw about 5mm, then with your screwdriver in the screw give it a couple of hard whacks with a hammer and the cylinder will split in 2.
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    Adding radiators

    ok cheers gasman, will do.
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    Adding radiators

    Yes the pump is in the boiler (combi) and I was going to 'T' in about 400mm from the boiler itself. So as long as the system is properly balanced afterwards there shouldn't be any problems?
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    Adding radiators

    Hi, I am in the process of adding 3 small radiators to our new extension. The boiler is in the extension so the easiest way to add them would be to 'T' into the central heating loop straight from the boiler, loop around the 3 small rads (2 x 600mm & towel rad) and back again. Just wondered if...
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    New Build Floor.

    Just a quick question, is there any reason why I can't put a timber floor on battens on top of the concrete slab in our extension? I was going to screed it but because of a ****e builder I am going to need 100mm of screed in places, also the shower base that we have chosen is a slimline type...
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    Board size

    Hi, I am just about ready for boarding out our extension, so a quick question is what size boards do I need? Am I right in thinking 9.5mm 1800 x 900 for ceiling & 12.5mm 2400 x 1200 for walls. Also should I use square edge or tapered, what are the pros and cons ? Going to have a go at dot...
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    Tilt and Turn windows

    Get yourself some of these.
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    Adjusting catching french doors

    Yes they are adjustable but only about 1.5mm either way. If you knock the pin out slightly until the hex head of the pin is clear from the hinge body you should be able to turn it with a 10mm spanner, as the pin works on a cam principle. If you adjust both doors then that should give you an...
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    New roof worries.

    Can't really see what's so funny. :? And in reply, no, the 'lad' isn't happy with the roofing works carried out so I have spent the last couple of days putting it right. Never done any lead work before, and if you take your time you can get some nice results. I am well chuffed with it now.
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    Double glazed window handle loose

    Picture ?? Usually there is just a couple of screws that tighten the handle, one you can see when the window is open and one behind a cover plate.
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    Poor lead flashing.

    I don't know exactly how they have done it but that is what's specified on the plans.
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    Poor lead flashing.

    the roof pitch is 12.5 degrees but the velux should have been fitted at 15, but I haven't checked.
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    Poor lead flashing.

    In reply this photo was taken a couple of days before they finished the job but to be honest it looks virtually the same, apart from where he has used a claw hammer to knock the lead down at the edges !! He has also installed the velux windows and he has used an 'upstand' type flashing so the...