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    pumped hot water!

    Yep, Surrey is easier to fit imo, no drilling. Some going cheap on fleabay I think. Yeah, as long as you fit them the right way round :P
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    Picking a shower

    That should do the trick, and theres 34% off price.
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    I take it your asking about what is involved to complete the NVQ? I can't remember that much tbh, it was a while back. I had to complete a certain amount of jobs and create a portfolio. I think there were about 15 or so various jobs, i.e fit a bathroom suite, outside tap, indirect hw...
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    I wouldn't entertain the fast track course mate. When I completed my apprenticeship I gained C&G Heating & Vent quals. I've not had any trouble getting jobs. They only seem to recognised NVQ's though. Only advise I can give is send out your CV to various firms in your area, maybe visit...
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    toilet won't stop filling...

    You need access to your cistern. Get yer hammer out :twisted:
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    Yep, handy to have.
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    Gravity Fed Shower pressuers - Manufactuers specs?

    Google? The shop where you bought the shower?
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    Glowworm BG 330 boiler

    Barny, less of the caps pal! :D
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    gas pipe connector for cooker

    :roll: You can find out where to buy yourself a gas fitting and gas PTFE, but have no idea that sheds like B&Q sell Boss White? Btw Boss White isn't white, it is a milky coffee kind of colour and stinks. Wind up?
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    Header Tank

    Damn, I was in Ewell this afternoon! :cry:
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    question on boilers

    Let the RGI show you their GS card and let them carry on with their job. No need to hound and ask a million and one questions. If they can't fix then I'm sure an explanation will be provided as to why.
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    Does anyone agree

    I cant eat a kebab sober, I have to be literally 'in the beer' before I can consume the dirt and chips, obviously with lashings of chilli sauce! Beef stew! With bread and butter :D Might have to knock one up tomorrow now!
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    What is the best advice you have been given?

    Less haste, more speed.
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    bathstore taps

    :cry: :cry:
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    Which Combi for a decent shower?

    The Vaillant specialists on here aren't at all keen on the 937.
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    Baxi Bermuda Gas Back Boiler (1980)

    Why does she want the burner replaced if its working well? :?
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    Ideal Isar HE30 pcb

    Can you buy them in Calais? :P :lol: