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    low cost combi Boiler Reviews

    Ideal Logic plus (7 year warranty or the Ideal independent (2 year warranty)or the imini at plumb centre (2 year warranty). Basically the same boiler with the casing removed but tailors for what ever budget a customer might have. Imini and independent you can get for around £500. Very good...
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    Baxi Solo 24 HE boiler - heat exchanger broken x3 in a year

    Are the boilers installed in a reverse return arrangement? I bet they arent. In my experience, if multiple boiler installations are not piped in a reverse return arrangement then you can experience problems with boilers and main heat exchangers. Regards.
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    Ideal logic l2

    Gas valve voltage will be somewhere between 150 to 240 VDC. PCB's on these boilers are excellent. Regards
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    New boiler ideas

    Boiler pipe size should not dictate what system pipe sizes should be. If there are only 22mm pipes from a boiler then you'd need to step up the size straight away. Regards
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    New boiler ideas

    Check your primary flow and return pipe size. If a heating load is greater than 18 KW (60000 btu's) then the flow and return pipework must be increased to 28 mm as a minimum. (its a central heating design specification) If you have 22mm flow and returns from the boiler to a heat load...
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    Ideal Combi HE30 - Frustrated with pre-heat!!

    100% diverter valve problem
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    WARNING VAILLANT 837 commbi boiler

    There are some very experienced engineers who post on this forum who are all pretty much saying the same thing, and I agree with the diagnosis that has been offered to you previously. The issue you have will be a system issue and not a boiler one. If you replace the Vaillant and put any...
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    Ideal Logic and Logic+ combi boilers.

    Logics are excellent. Enough said. Regards.
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    Ideal logic

    Excellent boilers, i have been fitting them for a while and havent had any problems. Im confident to keep installing them. Regards.
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    Ideal ISAR Boiler - Pressure rising above 3 bar & leakin

    If youve had this many issues with various engineers, then I would recommend you call Ideal who will do a fixed price repair. Regards.
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    Ideal isar he30 boiler

    Could be excessive voltage on the neutral to the boiler, could be PCB on the way out. Regards
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    New boiler - Worcester or Vaillant??

    I would say from a customer service and product standpoint that Ideal have changed massively for the better It took a lot for me to start fitting the Logic range based on what you said in your post, and since I started to fit them again, I havent had a bad experience at all, and I am as...
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    New boiler - Worcester or Vaillant??

    Ideal Logic 30 kw, 5 year warranty, boiler clock and flue for around 650 quid. Negativity surrounding Ideal is centered around an older range that they used to make. Ive been fitting them for ages and its the number one boiler that I offer my customers. Regards
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    garden astro turf

    After trying variuos remedies to stop local cats using my garden lawn as a toilet, i am considering having astroturf installed. My lawned area of the garden is around 6m by 6m. Does anyone have any experience of astro turf in their garden? Rough installation costs? (I have researched the...
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    Ideal Logic+ 30 - Constant NO WATER FLOW LOCKOUT

    I t sounds to me as an installation issue. If you are unsure what to do then i would recommend a call to the manufacturer. But be aware you will be asked questions about the fault and if they send an engineer and its an installation fault then you may be charged for it. At least one way or...
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    Ideal Logic+ 30 - Constant NO WATER FLOW LOCKOUT

    Installer has messed up somewhere call them back.
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    Vaillant v Ideal

    You can get a Logic plus 30 from plumbs and pts for around £650 including the flue and in some cases a clock. In the OP, it was mentioned about the Logic plus having bad reviews. I can tell you that I have been installing them for a while and havent had any problems. Most of the negativity...
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    Idea Isar he35 Fault HELP!!

    I honestly didnt think about that aspect. But wanted to make the point that its someting that shouldnt be done by somebody whos not registered. Regards
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    Idea Isar he35 Fault HELP!!

    You have to be a RGI to remove the combustion cover from a fan flued room sealed boiler. The combustion cover seal is a very important part of the combustion cover and if damaged or if the case is not put back on properly can have serious ramifications to people and property. We are...
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    Leaking Boiler - Ideal Isar m30100

    Yes if you turned it off it probably would leak again. This situation you have here is not a common scenario. I would hazard a guess your boiler is 7 to 9 years old and the offending o ring is well and truly brittle by now. The new o rings have been improved i have been told in the past...