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    Bathroom Ventilation

    Thanks Mw Roofline, this is an option we thought of but the data sheets of extractor fans show how much their efficiency is reduced by long & flexible duct runs. In our case they're mostly reduced to zero efficiency by the length of the duct run already there. This means we really need to put...
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    Bathroom Ventilation

    We had an extension built about a year ago which included a bathroom. The builder fitted a cheap & nasty ceiling extractor fan and ran about 8 metres of flexible ducting across the loft to a ventilation tile which he'd put there because it was easy to fit it next to the velux window in the...
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    Ventilation tiles for mechanical extraction
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    Cracking floor tiles in extended kitchen floor

    I have a similar problem to FoxtrotOscar's post with some added twists. We had a 2 storey side extension last year. One of the downstairs rooms extended was the kitchen. Our new kitchen is part "old" kitchen and part extension. The floors in old and new are suspended timber. The kitchen...
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    Vanity Unit Repair

    In our downstiars WC we have a semi-recesed sink mounted in a 600mm unit (bought only 4 months ago from Plumb Centre). The unit is a shaker style, glossy white. The top, back & sides of the unit are laminated chipboard. Not entirely sure what happened, could have been one of the kids, but the...
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    Wet Room Screens

    Our new wet room is all but finished apart from being able to use the shower. The intention was to have a straight glass screen running along one side of the showering area only and to leave the other side free (the shower's in a corner). The problem is that with our upgraded 32mm water...