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    Avoiding cracks in boarded ceiling

    Drywall bits stop you from puncturing the plasterboard. Well worth getting some if you're boarding.
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    Best trade vacuum cleaner?

    I've had a Henry for years. Still going as strong as day 1.
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    Extension Quotation

    Slightly off topic but have you checked the roof tiles you're using are suitable for that pitch? Only certain tiles can be used and at an increased lap.
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    mixer shower for low pressure in flat?

    Electric shower off the mains is another option?
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    I'd hope the roof would have been completed by now! :LOL:
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    Depth of compacted hardcore for new floor slab?

    Why have a powerfloated finish if you're just going to tile over it? A bull float finish is fine for tiling. Also with that set up you'll be heating up your concrete slab before heating the room above. The idea is to have insulation under the heating pipes then a screed on top. From bottom to...
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    Repairing cracked roof edge mortar

    Like catlad says if you just patch with mortar you WILL get more problems over time. A full lead cap and flashing over the parapet is the way to go.
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    Textured plaster help

    Looks like shuttered concrete to me?
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    *Plastering tomorrow for the 1st*Help!!

    Oh dear. Where's my popcorn? :LOL:
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    Foundations are dug now how do I put the stakes in level?

    I get that there are 'old school' methods, but why struggle when there's the technology available? Messing about with a water level isn't my idea of being efficient!
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    best way to fill 50-60mm gap around internal door lining

    Stuff some rockwool in there and use some 2x2 pinned to the lining to carry a piece of plasterboard.
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    Foundations are dug now how do I put the stakes in level?

    I always use this You only have to be 2mm out at each peg and it can quickly turn into 20mm at the other end. Personally I'd...
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    Rsj ridge beam installation

    Very nice noseall (y). Do you buy them pre coated or do it yourself? Loz, you'd think manufacturers could cast padstones perfectly square, but many a time the top and bottom faces bevel ~5mm (bloody annoying). Sounds like you've got the same problem. We'd mix a wet 1 and 1 mix and poke it in as...
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    Running a soilpipe through the roof void

    50mm required air gap. I don't understand why you're running a soil pipe between rafters? Is it for venting purposes or does it form part of the 'wet' side of the system?
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    Rsj ridge beam installation

    Anybody else red lead their steels? I've always been taught to give it a good couple of coats, is that just a belt and braces approach?
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    Armoured Cable

    Personally I'd say this isn't a DIY job. Seen some horrendous attempts at making off an armoured. I'd advise getting an electrician in who would do the relevant cable sizing calcs and do a good job of it. The light and sockets may be more 'DIYable' if you feel competent.
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    Stud wall, timber or metal?

    How are those 8x1s(?) fixed? I've always screwed ply/timber for fixings to noggins. Nice to see a builder looking after his other trades. Most tend to have a "it's your problem" attitude.
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    Gaps between walls - is this normal?

    How do you know it is solid wall? Any headers in the brickwork?
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    Whats happened to this plaster?

    Give him a call, and don't let him tell you it's your painting.
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    Blocks to face old Patio

    Don't understand what you mean. Face it with blocks? Do you mean slab over the top of your old paving? Personally I'd take up the old and lay new on a properly compacted base.