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    Help Diagnosing a Damp Problem

    LOL no that a internal shutter hinge!
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    Help Diagnosing a Damp Problem

    Hi, I have a damp problem in one room I am trying to diagnose. I suspect it is to do with close trees keeping part of the room in shade but I am not sure what causes damp or indeed if that would be a problem. I've posted pictures of the trees below and proximity to the room as well as the...
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    Damp/Airbrick question, with photo

    Just in case it's not obvious from the picture - that is concrete under the gravel!
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    Damp/Airbrick question, with photo

    Hi, Just measured levels and the vent is about 4 inches below the level of the interior floor.
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    Damp/Airbrick question, with photo

    Hi, I have a damp patch rising up a wall in one room. Directly outside is the air brick below. You can see that its effectively at ground level and I wondered if this was correct - I imagine they should be higher and I believe the ground was brought up around it. I think water is going in...
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    Change to open fire place

    You should use a fire back (search google - there are loads to buy) or a fire basket with a back - fire basket The back keeps the heat off the bricks which can deteriorate at high temps.
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    Exterior Render Question

    Really? So not easy to patch up?
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    Decent looking vent

    And I got some nice ones here
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    Exterior Render Question

    Hi, I have to get someone to chip off some old render, repair brickwork, re-render and paint. I'm going to get a builder to do it. I just wanted to check first though what the type of render I have is called - I'd best describe it as textured though I'm sure it has a more technical term...
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    Regrouting some tiles

    Hi, I have some tiles in our wet room that need regrouting (according to surveyor when we bought house). Any tips or tricks for getting the grout out? I've seen a few tools on line and it just looks like you have to scrape it out? If its important the grout is black (tiles are black...
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    Need ideas

    Single lane pool!
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    Reinstating an open fireplace

    Hi, You can get Fire Backs (search in Google) that would cover up the bricks at the back. Alternatively you could buy a Fire Basket with a back build in, would easily fit in an opening that big. This kind of thing...
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    At long last the kitchen is (almost) finished

    Nice, where are the handles from?
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    renovating an old cast iron fireplace

    I've done this and only way is steel rotary on electric drill followed by a few coats of paint. Fireplace paint is important, must be high temperature fireplace paint. I used with great results.
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    Painting inside a fireplace..

    You definately need a heat resistant paint for painting fireplaces, i tried one one and it was rubbish - just bubbled off but when I painted the grate in my fireplace i found a really good one in my fireplace shop - it was by hotspot which seems to be some specialist brand - you can get on line...
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    Door Width Questions (Kitchen type) - Plans included!

    Thanks for the replies all. I didn't spot the need for a twin 18mm divider so will add that to plan and amend as I want ideally the 3 doors to be same width. I plan to make the doors from 18mm mdf. Thanks!
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    Door Width Questions (Kitchen type) - Plans included!

    Hi, I'm building the wardrobe as per my plans below. I want to fit 3 equal sized kitchen type doors, one over the shelving side and 2 over the hanging side. My question is what width should the doors be as I am unsure of the clearance needed etc. I plan to use blum kitchen hinges. Thanks in...
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    Built in MDF wardrobe hinge questions

    Thanks for the reply. I get that I need to clear skirting and will need to build out to clear this but am not sure about what you mean re batten and lay on doors (new to all this...). Do you have any pics or plans so I can get it clear in my head. Thanks in advance.
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    Built in MDF wardrobe hinge questions

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about not having 'side' and just using the wall as I thought it would be a bit cleaner and easier should the walls not be exactly true. Though what you say about making it a big mdf box would solve the problem so perhaps that's what I should do. Or...
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    Built in MDF wardrobe hinge questions

    Hi, I'm designing and building some built in mdf wardrobes to fit in an alcove approx 1290mm wide and 2500mm high. I'm doing it to create quite a simple minimalist look, the left side will be shelves created from boxed mdf and on the right will be hanging rails. Doors I want to be completely...