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    Lime Render

    Yes I do use hessian sacking which you can buy for about £40 a roll.I only use it if you are getting the sun and wind on that area of the build otherwise I don't bother with it.If you are working in a sunny area then stretch out some kind of sheeting behind you to shade the whole wall.Ideally if...
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    Lime Render

    If you are just rendering onto a brick surface then wet it down until you stop hearing the suction noises,then apply the 1st scratch coat.I like using an English hydraulic lime called 'Singleton Birch'.If you use an NHL 3.5 thats quite a good sticky lime,remember to mix it with 2 sharp and 1...
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    Is this Lime? And some advice

    Strip all the stuff off,then do a scratch coat of;3to1,3sharp sand and 1 NHL 3.5 hydraulic lime,then a float of the same and top that off with a coarse lime skim,FP14 is quite a good top coat skim.
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    To lime or not to lime, that is....

    I don't want to tread on anyone's toe's over this but I was always taught that a sharp sand with lots of angular stuff in it is much stronger than a sand without.If you get some sand,put it in a jar of water,shake it up and leave to stand for 24 hours.When you next look at the jar,if it's a good...
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    Lime Render

    Your problem concerning the cracking.Usually you can put strapping across the crack in 2 to 3 places or every 6".Yes you should use stainless steel but you could also try the polypropene types aw well.I worked once in an 800 yr old abbey where,in the undercroft you could see these huge cracks...