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    Refixed! -Pics (Mains cable bracket cracks masonry)

    We do a huge amount of overhead catenaries. This one fails for several reasons. Fixings should not be fitted to the top layers of brick Fixings should be be affixed to mortar (especially not expansion fittings) Fixings should not be in broken brickwork.
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    Working out running cost of 3 ph machine

    I have a fluke 1735 power logger that's available for hire if required.
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    meter move domestic

    Uk power network are a little different though! They won't work on private distribution networks anymore. They are in the process of subcontracting all the existing maintenance / repairs onto others. Therefore you will need a contractor competent in private cable networks. PM me and I can...
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    Need SIMPLE explanation of PFC

    84ka? Please double check as that figure isn't possible on a standard tx.
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    Pulling down over head powerlines.

    Simple solution is to show them your full risk assessment for the job, the contact you had with the DNO before the work to check it was ok and wouldn't endanger you or others, and photos of the site before the work commenced correctly signed and laid out to prevent diggers Ect moving close to...
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    connect both ends of my armoured cable (shed)

    The job is probably more like 4 hours, once testing has taken place. Have you got quotes from others? He may just not want the work. Where in london are you? £350 for half a days work may be the norm in some areas...
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    Economy ten system help!

    could you take some photos for us?
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    SON - High Pressure Sodium Lamps Discontinued?

    This could well have some implications for the 600 SON street lights I maintain......
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    Brushed Chrome fittings- Reccomend a brand?

    Look at the m Marcus range - they'll also make to order
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    Neighbours mains power supply under my front garden

    why on earth did he not use the CAT he had on site? There is no excuse for incompetance and he's made himself liable for not taking appropiate precautions
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    What's the wiring type?

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    Underfloor Heat mat as a background cold water tank heater

    One of the properties I manage isn't heated, we use the following solution: All pipes are protected by trace heating Water tanks have immersion heaters fitted - controlled by a frost stat and contactor. The system works brilliantly.
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    Multi buy savings at screwfix

    the five pack was cheaper around 6 weeks ago, but the price keeps bloody changing!
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    Quotes for complete Rewire- Fair?

    looking at it further I'd probably price it around 5-6k plus VAT depending on how good access will be around the building. If they've got good recomendations go for them. Life isn't about going for the cheapest quote
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    Quotes for complete Rewire- Fair?

    with the amount of downlighters I'm not suprised. I'd expect around 3k for a standard basic rewire, but with all the extras the prices sound more than reasonable.
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    Power to Garage and New Consumer Unit - Rough Cost

    I'd find another electrician. If it makes you feel better I've just priced up power to someones garage at £3k. hopefully yours should be a bit less!
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    Cost of supply and fit 2 residential consumer units

    may find that this chap did it as a cash job to avoid VAT being wacked on top? need to see some photos and the certificates to decide if it needs further investigation
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    (Not Strictly DIY) Lighting

    I'd stick a power logger on them for a week or two....
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    'Insulation Resistance'

    yes, PVC cable does degrade with age, and I have removed cable with poor IR readings. :)
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    Emergency Light Wiring Recommendations

    why dont you just get a maintained fitting?