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    Removing Trv Head

    Hi all, Would I be right in thinking if I remove a trv head and leave it off then it would be the equivalent of having it fitted and fully open? My darling wife has bought a side board to go around the radiator in our porch but it's not wide enough to fit with the trv head in place, being...
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    Upgrade old MCB to RCBO

    If you've an outside stop tap then I'd reroute the mains water pipe so you can install something fit for purpose with a sensible layout.
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    Leakseal Shower Tray Seal

    Morning all, Has anyone ever used Leakseal Shower tray seal as linked to below? Normally I'd use a cladseal trim on the tray which I've always found to be successful in the past but this time the panels I'm fitting are only 4mm and the tray is black so I don't...
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    Fill voids in bowed plasterboards

    If the boards can be taken down still then packers behind held in place by the screws
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    Replace elbow joint

    If you've really no wiggle room undo the Iso valves
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    Isolating Ideal Logic+ 30 Combi

    So back to this again, still losing boiler pressure over the course of a week. We went on holiday last week so I bought 2 new valves and fitted them to make sure the boiler was definitely isolated. I topped the boiler upto 2 bar, isolated and switched it off at the mains. When I've returned...
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    Broken connector

    Have a Google for vw fakra adaptor and see if any of the images are correct, or Google the vw part no. off the white plug and see if you can id exactly what it's for.
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    How would you cut PVC pannnelling for this wall?

    If it's a 2.4m board and made of a similar construction to hollow soffit I'd cut the rear of the board at the bend and it should have enough flex in just the front finished face to follow the curve of the ceiling allowing you to do it all with 1 board.
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    How would you cut PVC pannnelling for this wall?

    How bigs the panel and what type of construction is it?
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    Tap grub screw between sizes

    Find a torx bit that is slightly too big and knock it in and undo it
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    Measuring Kickboard Height

    I read that the other day when you did it, I then promptly went and messed up cutting the length of a skirting board, fortunately I had plenty spare
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    Measuring Kickboard Height

    Basically yes, the way I've done it has always worked I just wonders if there was another way the pro's use
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    Measuring Kickboard Height

    Hi all, Is there a trick to measuring kickboard heights under kitchen units? Normally I put the tape under it and bend it as best I can and get it close enough but it's a ballache at times, I just wondered if a pro who does it regularly had a different way of doing it? Thanks Chris
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    Installation of a low profile shower tray on a concrete floor

    Sorry to jump in, Rob what do you use for the tanking covering? I've my own tray to lay soon onto ply so it's probably worthwhile me tanking the ply and up onto a couple of feet of the walls as insurance as its an upstairs bathroom.
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    Advice need please

    If it's a typical wooden frame with a canvas stretched over it and the walls flat I'd silicone it in place. Decent bead around the wooden frame, press to the wall, prop in place with a couple of pieces of wood and tape to hold flat until the silicone goes off. Picture will be removable with...
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    Builder runied my house. HELP

    Put up a copy of your plans and we should be able to work out what is going on with the drains
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    Building a partition wall for plaster finish

    It's be easier just building 2 seperate 3x2 stud walls to finish where you want them.
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    Insulating Soil Pipe

    Hi all, Our soil pipe runs across my garage just below the ceiling, it requires boxing in for building regs, would you stuff the 'box' with loft insulation or not bother? The only benefit I can think of is some sound deadening which isn't really an issue in the garage, the downside is any...
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    Cutting 15mm Off Each Side Of A Door

    So I spent a bit of time with the router on the hidden faces and I've got the opening to 754mm so now the door will fit the gap with a bit of work. Thanks Chris
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    Cutting 15mm Off Each Side Of A Door

    It's in a 4x2 stud wall. Spoke to plasterer this morning, he's going to leave that bit till tomorrow so I'll remove the lining shortly and route it down by 7mm each side. That'll leave 25mm on the lining and give me an opening of 754mm, leaving 7mm each side to come off the door to give a 3mm...