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    Query on Masonry Paint

    Engineering bricks give little adhesion for any type of paint, they have hard, dense and impervious. At the same time, they seem okay with cement because how would you be able to build a wall otherwise. Obviously should not have glazed face. There are many primers out there, which should help...
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    Query on Masonry Paint

    Did not see where that came from JohnD. I must have missed the point re 'no gutters'
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    Query on Masonry Paint

    Re paint on Fleton bricks, the manufacturers are probably protecting themselves against potential failures due to excess moisture content. These bricks are especially porous with potentially high moisture content eg left outside in rain for long periods. I use snowcem for this reason because the...
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    Query on Masonry Paint

    Impermeable or low permeability coatings trap moisture. Large pressure can build up if there is any internal moisture such as from humans which are mostly water anyway. Suns heat does this. Freezing conditions also solution is to use paint with no polymers such as snowcemplus. It's...
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    What is causing this damp? hydroscopic salts or something else?

    I only use water vapour permeable exterior treatments. They keep wall dry without trapping water. Fluoropolymer type are best
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    Is this paint or snowcem?

    Snowcem paint is mostly cement and has a fine texture, purely Matt finish. The images look more like a coating with polymer content. I mostly apply Snowcem with a paint trowel which looks great but does not has no fine stone like the specks I your pictures. Obviously cannot roll it. Spraying is...