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    tiling insulation board question (no UFH)

    1950s ex council house, solid concrete floors, about to have the ground floor tiled - hall, kitchen, utility and bathroom in 10mm porcelain tiles. Hopefully it's not too silly of a decision, but to keep installation and running costs down, we've decided not to install UFH in most of it (but...
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    Insulating for sound on neighbour's wall

    Thanks for the replies. it's as much for noise getting out from us to the neighbours as it is their noise to us - apart from anything else, we want to be able to watch a film without having to worry too much that we might be annoying them. Joists run parallel to the party wall so that's...
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    2.2m Alcove floating shelf question

    I've previously built floating alcove shelves across a 3ft span. I used 18mm mdf above and 4mm mdf below, supported by battens attached to all three walls and across the front, with a couple of intermediate supports. However this next project feels like a completely different animal... My wife...
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    Insulating for sound on neighbour's wall

    I'm looking to reduce noise transfer between us and our semi detached neighbours... I know there's "better" ways to insulate for sound but the first option I looked at includes leaving a 50mm void & means losing 130mm of living room. Instead this is our current plan on entirety of our shared...
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    Acoustic insulation query

    Need to reduce noise transfer between us and our semi detached neighbours.. Im planning to double board with knauff acoustic sound board on to 25x38mm battens with acoustic tape attached. Will 600mm centres be ok for the battens? I know its majorly heavy board so am concerned! Thanks