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    Pan connector misalignment makes me want to cry, please help

    I have a 90deg connector, offset about 40 deg from the horizontal, but ideally need the pan connector to extend backwards from the pan outlet about another 60mm (there's a joist in the way). I'm loathe to use a flexy connector as have heard nightmares about the pan seal being inadequate and/or...
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    Tiling and new "fitted" bathroom units

    Fitting new bathroom units (by the manufacturer Utopia but that's probably irrelevant). Will be tiling all the walls floor to ceiling. Is it best to fit the units first then tile or tile first and then fit units to the tiled walls. Cheers, Sam
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    soil-pipe gradient 110mm vs 82mm

    Hi Richard, Yes there is another open vented stack, at the back of the house (where there's another loo, which is at the upstream end of the house's soil piping into the sewer). There are 4 houses connected to this particular sewer and all the others have open vent stacks too. As far as a...
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    soil-pipe gradient 110mm vs 82mm

    Thanks for that :-) Read through the regs and now content that 82 or 110 would meet them (the loo has an 80mm circular outlet and is preset to 6ltr flush) - what I'm hoping for now are the views of professionals as to the pros/cons of 82 vs 110 in this situation - it may be that I'm worrying...
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    soil-pipe gradient 110mm vs 82mm

    Ladies/gents, Connecting a new and repositioned loo to an existing stack which is inside the house and I really need to put the soil-pipe branch beneath the floorboards. Bog standard (no pun intended!!) family bathroom. Planning on a 300mm ish drop from the loo pan into the pipe, through a...