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    Central heating misbehaving

    Hi, My family and I have just moved into a rented house. I'm having problems with the central heating, and the property maintenance people cant get out to check it themselves until next week. There's a CH boiler in the garage, a Siemens RWB29 programmer and a Siemens RAA20 room thermostat...
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    Powering mains LED fairy lights from batteries

    Hi, I have a string of 50 fairy lights that are fitted with a UK domestic plug. I'd like to know if it's reasonably possible to power these by battery. My partner needs some LEDs for some table centres she's making for a wedding. Its likely that the LEDs will be on for up to 12 hours...
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    Shoddy insulation job?

    Hi, Thanks for reply; very much appreciated. Would you agree that the work already done does not provide an adequate level of insulation? Thanks, Fish
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    Shoddy insulation job?

    Hi, My mum was visited by a rep from an insulation company. Since she's about to sell the house, she went ahead with their offer to better-insulate the home. About 15 years ago, she had the loft converted into a bedroom. The room was 'squared-off', which created handy storage 'rooms' on...
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    Indesit WD 125

    Hi, My washing machine has stopped working. When I set it to a wash cycle, everything appears normal, but the cycle never begins. The door lock light is on, but the cycle doesn't start. The same thing happens with a drying cycle (the drying light goes on too). As vague as this description...
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    Broken Seal

    I couldnt find the other wire. There doesnt seem to be any way of attaching the seal to the tub nor does there appear to be a groove or lip for another wire loop to attach to. I can provide a photo if you like? Thanks all the same, Fish
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    Broken Seal

    Hi, Thanks to you both for your help. After inspecting the seal, i couldn't see any damage so decided to refit it. I managed to attach it to the front panel, hooking it over the lip and securing with the wire loop. However, i couldnt see any way of affaching it to the drum or the plastic...
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    Remove front

    Hi, Does anyone know how to get the front off of an Indesit WG1030 washine machine? I need in there so I can replace a door seal. Thanks in advance, Fish
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    Broken Seal

    The existing door seal seems in fine condition - although it was late and i was still half asleep. Or - does the fact that it came right off mean that it is damaged completely? Cheers, Fish
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    Broken Seal

    Hi, I have an Indesit 1030 washing machine. Last night I put a load on and went to bed only to be woken an hour later to the sound of water running in my kitchen. When I went through, there was water pouring out of the bottom of the machine so I switched it off immediately. When I opened...
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    Water comes in then straight back out

    I think the absence of said 'stand pipe' may be the real problem. Its Wickes for me first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the help people, much appreciated. Regards, Fish
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    Water comes in then straight back out

    Hi, I have just been given an Indesit 1030 washing machine as my old machine is (very) broken. I plumbed it in and tried a standard 40 wash. I could hear the water coming in, but it goes straight back out the waste pipe again. I've checked all the hoses and everything is fine. Anyone got...
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    highjacked browser

    You should try a small prog called Hijackthis. Its only about 200k to download. You can get it here: One you've downloaded it, click the scan button then save the log. Copy and paste the contents of the log on here and i'll tell you what's causing...
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    12v Radio Battery

    I've been advised to get a '12v Radio Battery'. However, I don't have a clue what exactly this is. Its apparently like the one's they don't use often anymore. I know this is a bit cryptic, but if anyone has any suggestion as to what this product is and where i might get one then that would be...
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    Bizarre Indesit Problem

    Hi, I have an Indesit washing machine; probably about 4 years old. When I load it with clothes it washes and spins fine. However, when the programme gets to the final fast-spin, it makes a loud knocking noise, almost like a rattle. It only does this when there are clothes in it. When I...
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    Fuse Types

    Sorry to be a pain, but what are SES and SBC lampholders? I'm pretty new to this and not too up on the abbreviations yet. Regards, fish
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    Fuse Types

    Thanks for the advice. Although it is only a small flat. There'll be 5 wall lights (40w each) and 4 ceiling lights (max 120w each). I'm using 1.5mm twin and earth and everythings all 1-way switching. What would you recomend? Regards, fish
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    Fuse Types

    Fantastic! Thanks for the fast response. Type B it is for me. Regards, fish PS. what happened to Type A?
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    Fuse Types

    Hi Could someone possibly tell me the difference between Type B and Type C fuses? Many thanks, Craig.