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    Lead vs GRP Valleys

    Its on a slate roof on a 110 yr old property the roofer has suggested this today after quoting for the job in lead.
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    Lead vs GRP Valleys

    My roofer wants to fit pre formed GRP valleys instead of lead as "its now standard practice". 1. Is it standard practice? 2. Are they better than lead or just a cheaper/easier to fit alternative? TIA
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    Carpenter doesnt want to recess hinges

    I'm getting a new front door hung and the carpenter wants to fit the hinges onto the door without recessing them as the frame recess is quite deep. AFAIK he should be packing the hinge out on the frame a bit??? As I see it he is taking the easy way and not bothering to recess the hinge on...
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    UPVC restoration & repair

    Does anyone know of any companies that will repair misted windows & generally repair and fix pvc window units? I also want the exterior cladding updated and fixed as it is loose and tilts the wrong way. I have had one quote from the "window doctor" in harrow but he wasnt very convincing. I am...
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    Insulation & Soundproofing

    Not sure this is the correct forum, if not - I apologise! I have just removed my lathe and plaster ceiling in my front room. I now have the ceiling/floor joists exposed. I am on the ground floor and have a flat above. If I just attach plasterboard to the underside of the joists I will be just...
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    Sound proofing a ceiling

    I am about to remove my original Victorian lathe & plaster ceiling. This means I will be left with a bare set of joists onto which I have to attach my new ceiling with halogen downlighters. Any tips on easy & simple ways to soundproof the ceiling? Does the Gyproc soundproof board work & is...
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    3 radiators as one?

    Cheers Boys - thanks for all your help!
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    3 radiators as one?

    Presumably I fit a lockshield to the left side of the first rad and to the right of the last (a TRV) and just join the 2 in the middle together ....
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    3 radiators as one?

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    3 radiators as one?

    They will be 2 smaller ones (roughly 600mmx 550mm) with a larger one (roughly 950mmx550mm) in the do I balance them? Thanks in advance again.
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    3 radiators as one?

    Hi I want to place 3 indvidial rad's under my bay window and have them operate as one. Is this possible? ie have one thermostatic valve to operate all 3 as one? Any info, advice or experiences appreciated. Thanks for any help. Aaron
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    Raised bed foundations

    Masona - thanks for the link, thats what I was looking for Felix - yeah, heavy clay too here, thanks for the tip. Am I right in thinking I can use any old rubber hosing to make the drainage holes with?
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    Raised bed foundations

    I am going to build some raised flower beds in the garden - 3/4 courses high. What dimension foundations so I need to lay for a wall that small? ta
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    Chimney Breast Removal - conflicting Builder's advice?

    I went through this process about 12 months ago. There doesnt seem to be any hard and fast rule to say that gallows brackets will technically be sufficient to support 1 story & the sub roof levels of the chimney. I was informed by by a structural engineer that strictly speaking gallows brackets...
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    Sub floor

    Have dug out the hearth in front of my (bricked in) fireplace as it was not needed and bridging the dpc. I have dug down to bare mud (approx 8" below the floor joists). The rest of the sub floor is bone dry concrete. The mud is about 4" above this. I want to concrete over the hearth like the...
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    Water Softeners

    stopping boilers/washing machines/taps/sinks suffering from limescale build up.
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    Foundation cement mix

    Going to be repairing the foundation (above dpc level on my 1910 Victorian flat. I meed to re lay 2 courses of bricks directly underneath my back door. Is the 1-3 cement/sand mix ok? Do I need to put any additives in?
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    No PVA is used to coat the original wall surface to help the render stick. A lighter PVA solution is used to coat the finished plaster for painting.
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    Water Softeners

    Looking at getting a water softener and there's timer controlled ones that regenerate every day regardless of use and theres meter controlled ones which will average the last 7 days use and regenerate accordingly. The timer one is £100 cheaper - is it worth the extra money to get a metered...
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    problems with a chimney breast

    I originally wanted to remove the whole thing. Building control very very evasive as to whether they would give it a building certificate. They referred me to a structural engineer who said that as far as he was concerned gallows brackets would take the load on the wall. Where the real...