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    vintage tools

    So Ive got some old tools which Im going to put on ebay, to see if anyone wants them. One is an old Marples brass backed tenon saw. I see on antiques roadshow that people often like the patina of age, so does the same apply to tools, or should I clean it up, polish the brass back etc?
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    motor help

    I couldnt in all honesty sell it as a saw - no brake, no emergency stop, no guard, no riving knife. Its an amputation waiting to happen.
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    motor help

    Ta, thats worth knowing.
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    motor help

    G ot 3 old motors to get rid of and I wondered if they have any value, either as working motors or scrap or if I should just take them to the dump. Two work fine - smooth and quiet and no funny smells. No 3 might after replacing the perished rubber insulated wiring. Any advice esp any help...