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    Machine fills with water between washes

    Between washes the machine is filling with water. Put on spin cycle and it clears - next day it has filled with water again. Any thoughts Thanks
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    Move switch

    Thanks just out of interest is this simply to protect from accidental damage or will the plaster corrode the cable?
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    Mutiple lights

    Hi I am adding a new light and switch from an existing junction box on the lighting circuit. If I want to add multiple lights from this junction box can I put another junction box after the switch. Thanks for any advice
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    Table lamp

    I am installing a new light from an existing junction box on the lighting circuit. Instead of wiring this to a ceiling light I want to connect it to a table lamp (bedside lamp) which can be controlled from the wall light swtich rather than a socket. Is this advisable? does it need fuse...
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    Move switch

    I have moved a light switch from one side of a door to another Do I need to protect the cable or can I fill/plaster around it Thanks
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    New sockets

    Hi I want to add two additional sockets in a bedroom. Currently there are two double sockets on the ring main - one of these already has a spur going off somewhere. From advice and earlier posting I believe I have two options. Option 1 - Add a spur from the socket add a junction box and 13A...