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    Ideal Classic FF380 fails to ignite

    OK I'm sorry Tony, I don't want to upset you, but here goes:- I want to ask what I hope is a basic Boiler question. I have viewed the circuit board on my Classic FF380 - which is easily accessible from the base and I see the Neon SG1 flashing which indicates ignition operation...
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    potterton performa 28 query

    Hi I agree with Angelf. I posted last night in the hope of getting more of an idea of what the fault is on my boiler. There seems a wealth of knowledge and experience on this website and is does state that we can post our questions and queries. I have been told:- "We dont give DIY repair...
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    Ideal Classic FF380 fails to ignite

    Thanks Tony, I must have got a little confused as I have read lots of advice on this website, but maybe it was in a different forum. :D
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    Ideal Classic FF380 fails to ignite

    Hi, Had problems with the fan becoming noisy on 7 year old boiler recently, but copper greased it made it much quieter. Now intermittently the boiler won't light. The fan comes on, and spins, the APS click/switches and then I hear/see the clicking of ignition electrode, but no iginition. Then...
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    Noisy system

    Hi we have same boiler and sounds like a similar setup. Where our cylinder is there is also a diverting valve. It is a quick release type and the small motor that drives this valve open or closed had worn. The gears had worn and so when the System started up in the morning sounded like a machine...