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    Bosch Dryer Element

    :D You just saved me £50!! :D Ordered the Crosslee part from SparesRUs for £22.95 instead onf £75.88 from Bosch. Thanks - I'd like to buy you a big pint... Nick
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    Bosch Dryer Element

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what's wrong with this Bosch tumble dryer, but does anyone have an opinion on how it happened? The machine is a WTA2000GB/01 from about 1999. It stopped working on low heat some time ago and then on Saturday it went completely cold. The heater...
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    Double-trap Siphonic Pan

    For the benefit of anyone reading this thread in the future, the outlet doitall suggests above isn't in my area. I've just been to all the major plumbers merchants in Reading, including Travis Perkins (aka City Plumbing), Graham, Plumb Centre and a couple of small bathroom/hardware places and...
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    Part P Will Diyers bother

    Agree with both comments - its up to the individual to decide whether to take the chance.
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    Double-trap Siphonic Pan

    D'oh! Thanks.
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    Part P Will Diyers bother

    For those that aren't going to bother with certs & notification - think on this... When you come to sell your property and the canny buyer gets an electrical inspection done (every surveyor recommends it), you'll have to hope the inspector can't tell when the work was done. If he sees new...
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    Double-trap Siphonic Pan

    Thanks for being so quick! I guessed it was vital and "dome-shaped" was the description I was looking for earlier. Is the rubber dome meant to seal the pipe to the pan or should it be clear of it? Any ideas where I might get replacement bits for this - I know they were outlawed years...
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    Wireless for Blueyonder & Linksys

    They'll never know - the router does Network Address Translation and so presents only one IP address to their network. They have no way of knowing what addresses or devices exist behind the router. In any case, the worst that can happen is that you'll use all 512kbps or whatever you pay for...
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    Double-trap Siphonic Pan

    I have two of these in my house and one normal CC pan - all original so I'm not sure why they aren't all the same. Anyway, the flush siphon on one was playing up so I bought a replacement, dismantled the old one and retained the bits which operate the siphon action in the pan. I've put these...
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    Using broadband arond the house

    Doris - with a router in place there's no need to have any of the PCs permanently switched on as they connect independently via the router. Most of them have four ports on the back for wired connections and some have wireless as well. I'd recommend Netgear any time, and get one with the ADSL...
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    Freeview set top box....

    Ali68 - what's the signal like from your porch aerial? Advice from a BBC broadcast engineer I know suggests that the signal doesn't need to be all that strong to get a decent picture but the weaker it is the more chance of interference causing the picture to break up. If the aerial isn't high up...
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    Complete CH & HW Failure - New Years Eve

    Feel for you, mate. My boiler quit yesterday - no chance of a fix until Tuesday at best. Be aware that BG may lose interest in your problems if they don't do the power flushing. This happened to a relative recently after BG refused to change a pump for the same reason. Not sure of their...
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    Have you seen this?

    I was amazed how much crap was written in that thread and how little fact. Won't be looking there for advice.
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    Pumping Over

    Thanks to all for your responses - helped me understand the problem and reassured here that she wasn't being diddled (by anyone other than BG, that is). Plumber is fixing it by extending the expansion pipe on the 22nd for a very reasonable £100 including flushing out two more rads.
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    Pumping Over

    Not sure - they were told by BG that the system has to be power-flushed because the pump packed up twice in a year. They called in another CORGI plumber to do the flushing and it was him who noticed the problem, not BG who get their £17/month for a 3-star contract. Some of the rads are badly...
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    What Happens Here On P-Day?

    I suppose that's where BS7671 comes in, and hopefully Mr NICEIC will know the answers. For me it means that when I build my extension I'll have to get the circuit designed by an "approved competent person" who knows the rules (£££££££) and then get it signed off by BC (more ££££££££)...
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    Pumping Over

    Thanks, guys. So why's it happening and is it something a competent DIYer can fix?
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    Pumping Over

    My elderly aunt has been told by a plumber that her CH is "pumping over" and that the water in the expansion tank is hot. What does he mean by "pumping over", and is it the cause of the hot expansion tank?
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    Channeling the wall for 2.5mm cable

    Buy the channeling chisel from Screwfix - i find mine goes through breeze with little effort with the hammer on its slowest speed, and makes a nice, clean channel with very little mess. I usually go deep enough that the cable goes straight up into the box without bending, cutting in two stages...
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    Invisible uploads or missinformation?

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