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    Changing thermostat

    Thanks. I'm not sure what to choose, but definitely need a wireless thermo that we can pop in another room when the stove's on. Do you know if the Hive system would be suitable, based on this? Sorry, I'm a complete clueless customer (I have a trusted boiler guy that I'll probably use but want to...
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    Changing thermostat

    Thanks. Is wiring up the new reciever as simple as wiring a plug? Any recommendations for what to go for?
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    Changing thermostat

    Hi, I've a very basic question and hope you can help! Can a wireless thermostat be changed without needing a new reciever? I have these two but want to get a programmable thermostat. Thanks
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    Timber framed false conservatory ceiling - size of timber??

    Don't you think I'd get away with anything lighter? It's just being screwed into upvc so I'm very wary of the extra load around the windows.
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    Timber framed false conservatory ceiling - size of timber??

    I would like to build a false ceiling in our conservatory, with 50mm insulation board, then finished with that plastic bathroom ceiling pvc stuff. My question is, with the size being 4.2x5.5m, what grade timber would be required to span the 4.2m length and hold it's shape? I obviously don't...
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    Basics of drylining a loft room

    I do like the idea of having a bare board finish to paint, but with an awkward couple of bits around the dormer, would taper board leave these bits looking a bit wrong?
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    Basics of drylining a loft room

    Why would square edge be better if I can ask? Do I still scrim the joins?
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    Basics of drylining a loft room

    I've a few very very basic questions and wonder if anyone could help please? I'm learning all of this as I go having no experience! I have taken down the old hardboard and polystyrene ceiling in our loft room and have got it all insulated now with 70+50mm rigid board. I have left the hardboard...
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    Insulating floor of converted loft?

    We have moved into a house with a loft converted in the 70's and I have been replacing the ceiling up there with new board insulation, and will plasterboard it before building storage and decorating, but I have just thought what about the floor? Should this also be insulated to reduce heat loss...
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    Help - boarding and insulation in an already converted (old) loft room?

    Hi, I have a loft room in the house we've recently bought that I need to sort out and as a total novice I'd appreciate some pointers if possible. The whole room seems to be boarded with flimsy fibre board of some kind. The ceiling then has a layer of polystyrene glued to the board, and the...
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    Pieris Forest Flame

    As above, whap it in the ground, bam on some compost and enjoy, a la Jamie Oliver.
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    No sympathy for the wastes of carbon and their poor mummies who no doubt steered their direction in life. Good on ya OP. Nobody is going to die of gripper rod impalation but it'll certainly smart.
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    Bush Stump Removal

    You just need a mattock. Dig the soil out around the roots and hack them with the axe end.
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    Making a square corner from a bullnose corner?

    I have stripped my hallway ready to sort it out, but 3 of the walls have external bullnose corners, merging into a 30cm section of square corner at the top. This obviously presents papering problems, so I would like to square up the corners the full height of the wall. What's the best way to do...
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    Having a go at turfing garden

    Spend ages levelling the garden first. Standing on planks to level it isn't good enough as there will be soft spots that get missed which will wind you up in future, so you need to do a penguin shuffle across every inch, then rake smooth, then repeat ideally 3x in total. Don't worry about...
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    Newly laid turf not as expected....

    Lawns like this recover themselves. New lawn can grow vertically very quickly before it really properly establishes and spreads it's roots out as the soil is often combined with a pre fertiliser. If it were my lawn I wouldn't add anything to it, just cut high and let it recover on it's own. You...
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    Help - tarmac driveway repair

    It's not perfectly level, would concrete still work?
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    Help - tarmac driveway repair

    I've removed a car port and the base was a big raised slab of rubble, bricks, cement and slabs. This has left a 10m2 hole that I want level to use as driveway space. Can anyone advise on what would be the best course of action here please? I don't mind it being visually different, just...
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    Pruning high branches

    Yes it'd do the job, make sure you wear well-fitted goggles as the sawdust can shower your eyes doing this type of task. Sawdust in the eye is one of the least fun things you can do to yourself.
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    Landscaping around a tree near decking?

    I'd let the lawn naturally flow up to the base of the birch, stop the edging at the end of the deck. Trees and grass shouldn't have concrete interfaces. The lawn still looks smart