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    wireless connection problem

    the laptop is a hp compaq nx9030 and it is loaded with windows xp chhers
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    wireless connection problem

    hi there i have just purchased second hand laptop and am trying to connect wireless but keeps saying windows was unable to find a certificate log can anybody help using xp and my router is sky cheers
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    e machine

    hi there my computer has just started to switch off suddenly the tower is still working but the moniter switches of sometimes it happens straight away and i have to keep crashing it other times it can be five or ten minutes clean all dust out and checked all memory cards are in correcetly any...
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    fiat bravo 1999

    posted topic earlier maybe i did not ask write question oil all over engine and dipstick raised about 3 inch told pressure buildup could be the problem what should i be checkingor what could be causing this cheers
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    fiat bravo 1999

    ihave found oil all round engine compartment taken car to garage and the dipstick had risen about 3 inch they told me it was pressure and probably a blocked breather pipe purchased a manuel and cannot see where this pipe is can anybody help
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    used hard drive issues

    hi there purchased secondhand hard drive when i switch on computer comes up with rpl-rom-ffc 1-5 boot failure insert boot diskette in a cannot run cdrom can anybody help thanks
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    ford mondeo automatic 6000 cd player

    hi there can somebody plese help i need to get out my cd but it is seled unit on the dash how do i remove it there is not 4 holes as some people have said thanks
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    nissan micra

    thank for that reply will try that today and let you no
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    nissan micra

    more info when turning the key engine turns over like a good en all lights are working checked battery and that is fine also checked fuses they seem fine but no spark
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    nissan micra 1999 1.0 inspiration

    could anybody help my car just cut out yesterday checked usual things like had petrol cheched spark plugs and no spark, called AA he did not no what the problem was got towed home
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    packard bell laptop

    hi there i have had problems with my laptop for a while i have been informed that i require a new mother board, firstly i do not no what that is plus what is the cost of a new one, or is it worth scrapping the laptop
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    using win rar

    i have downloaded movies with rar and cannot burn using nero 7 been told off person at pc world need to download win rar have done that but still cannot open file could anybody assist
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    nissan 1.0 inspiration

    could anybody assist i have sqeeking noise on power steering been informed power belt needs tightening. first were is it located and is there any specific tightening sequence help would be appreciated
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    new extention

    i am having my house extended plans are drawn and submitted now i need a builder what do i ask for full extention or structual build as being a bit of a rigsby which would be cheaper. can anybody assist
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    nissan micra inspiration

    the handbrake warning light stays on once the handbreak is released and i am having problems with starting the car could this have something to do with the battery drain.
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    ford mondeo alternator

    trying to replace alternator can not get old one of have removed both securing bolts and the unit is solid checked with manuel and everything i have done is correct also could some one tell me have to take tension off the belt
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    sky + box

    i have a problem with my box i can not get it off standby, have spoken to sky and they say the box is no good, of course they want a charge for new box plus call out charge, can anybody help with this problem
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    portable dvd player bush

    purchased portable dvd about 18 months ago and the screen has gone blank if i point torch above i can see the movie playing in the back ground can anybody help
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    packard bell laptop

    yes you can hear it booting up but there is nothing on the screen
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    packard bell laptop

    yes i have tried to reboot laptop