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    Boiler thermostat?

    That was my question. In the absence of a room stat (room stat connection block is linked out), what is causing the boiler to turn off (in a situation where HW is off or not being called for)? Is it the boiler stat? I'm planning on fitting a CM927 in the lounge (setting the 2 lounge TRVs to...
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    Boiler thermostat?

    Hi, We have an S-plan system. TRVs on all rads & no room stat. Cylinder has a stat (set for 65 C ish). Sometimes when cylinder at temp (or sometimes when HW off, and CH only on), the boiler will turn off. I thought it would run permanently as there is no room stat. Is this the Boiler...
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    Thermostat/Programmable Thermostat

    Hi All, We have an S-Plan system driven by a Potterton EP2001. All our radiators have TRVs and we do not have a thermostat. It looks like we do not have an auto bypass valve, but a 15mm gate valve between the pump & the HW return. I want to fit an RF thermostat & also upgrade the...