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    Baxi Bermuda 552 making a noise.

    trouble with replacement is that any new boiler that is fitted has to be a high efficiency boiler (condensing boiler) and i dont think you can get a condensing back boiler. you can prob sort the problem by introducing "boiler silencer" into the system. i have used it in a house i was renting...
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    Potterton Puma 80e CH Pressure Switch

    the hole where water pressure goes in gets blocked up with sludge and muck in heating system, just release the pressure, remove it and poke it clear, dont stab it as you damage it, just poke it clear. replace and refill vent as required. job done. (i been a heating engineer(corgi) for 19 years...
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    Gravity fed problems. Hot water on only - Radiators hot

    wired up wrong ide say either that or your control valve is letting heat by/stuck open, it will be a three port or 2x two ports
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    Gravity fed problems. Hot water on only - Radiators hot

    is it all the rads or just upstairs ones, if so get ya brummie screwdriver to hand
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    Potterton Profile 60E, pressure switch not switching.

    one of the pipes from air flow switch has a restrictor in it, a lump of brass with a pin hole for the air to move through, to allow the fan to run for a short time and clear any gasses/fumes before next combustion. this hole may be partially blocked, have a go at it with a pin or something. i...
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    CH always too hot

    primary flow occurs weather heating or hot water in use, that particular diaphram/switch assembly is to tell the boiler that the pump is working and there is sufficient water in system, SO NO!!! im not splitting hairs, its not a heating flow switch. and switch "on" pcb should read "or" ...
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    Replacing back boiler for condensing boiler

    just noticed "PALAVA" its some peoples livelyhood !!. maybe you kick up a "PALAVA" if you lost your job for doing things that are against the law, trying to help someone who dont want to spend money on getting a decent/legal job done?
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    CH always too hot

    i think you should call in someone qualified as there ISNT a c/h flow switch, its a pump sensing switch and your getting a bit confused, either way call someone in who's qualified, im sure they can sort it out quickly for you, switch on PCB
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    Replacing back boiler for condensing boiler

    NO!! unless you get it fitted by a cowboy, someone who ISNT corgi!!. its against the law to fit a boiler that dosent meet current regulations. New boilers have to be commissioned, part of that prosses is to notify corgi of the work we have done and they in turn notify the local building...
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    CH always too hot

    i would agree with that, it may be moving in the right direction at the right time but internally it may be constantly in the hot water possition, i changed one exactly like this a few months ago, it didn't click when moved by finger either, it should !!!
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    Replacing back boiler for condensing boiler

    there seems to be some confusion over condensing/combi boilers. there are basicly 2 types of boiler, combination boilers (combi's) and system boilers (standard boiler) these 2 types of boiler can be high efficiency boilers as well (condensing) and as of the 1st april 2005 (i think) all new...
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    Do I need to buy a new boiler?

    indeed, BIN IT!!
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    I Get Heat, but no hot water?

    if your lynx ever packs up you could give it to the people who put the xmas lights up in west end, it would prop do regents street, especially if you can get hot water and heating fired up at the same time :lol:
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    Only getting trickle of hot water

    didnt i read earlier the downstairs is fine? boiler must be ok, just throttle it back a bit for bath tap that is letting out more water than the others. AND dont you think most people will when running a bath turn a tap on full, other taps are turned till wter comes out, never usually on full...
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    CH always too hot

    you need to look at the micro switch fitted to the front of the water section. it switches from heating to hot water and chances are its knacker'd and stuck in hot water possition. pull down the control panel and its bottom left on brass lump!! move the metal tab with ya finger and see if it...
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    Combi-boiler gas connection

    a gas main/pipe shouldn't be reduced and then up'ed again and on the subject of vaillants the ecotec pro 28 currently has 15mm gas connection!!!
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    Not linked to pressure switch

    or maybe it packed up!!! i seen this a lot with british gas, they wont spend money on parts, dont do services properly either.
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    Noise when flushing toilet

    you need whats called an "equilibrium" ball valve on either the systern or the cold water storage tank, whatever one is causing the noise. torbeck ball valves are equilibrium ball valves so that will solve your problem. you may not need to clip pipes, ive known this to happen with pipes...
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    Favourite car

    il try 68 mini 71 mini van 68 cortina mk 1 68 cortina mk 2 71 cortina 2door mk 2 standard 8 capri 3.0s sierra XR4i mini 1275 gt audi quattro peogeut 205 van 88 escort turbo (black) bedford rascal vauxhal astramax and another astramax cavalier sri130 89 escort turbo (red)...
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    Favourite car

    did it land on its wheels? im assuming you have just thrown it out the window