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    garage roof replacement

    not seen it widely available but norboard do it and a few others. wickes even sell it if you dont mind paying £25 a sheet
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    garage roof replacement

    done my triple garage store with box profile 2 years ago with a few opaque sheets. best move ever. cant be arsed with the extra expense of t&g unless spec'd and even then will use 8x4 t&g
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    Repair Chimney Stack -E London

    yeah i agree. chimney scaffold will be £300ish getting it rendered might be cheaper than repaired/repointed
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    garage roof replacement

    bit ott with the boards. 5 will do a garage roof normally. 1x 20m 3b sand finish for a nailed base layer £40 2x 16m torch on underlay (although if you can scrounge a metre or 2 you can get away with 1 roll as a normal garage roof quite annoyingly requires a little over 1 roll to cover) and then...
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    what colour is this felt??

    looks like it was green mineral, 30 yrs ago. well weathered and i agree, looks like board has gone. will be a bit more than a patch going on there.
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    Flat roofing cost

    doesnt seem too bad. bit more than i charge here in devon but not by much, would be a little under £600 here, generally £35sqm and £30 per board that needs replacing, and i guess it depends how good a rate he gets at his supplier. so as long as he uses good felt its not robbery..
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    Velux windows on a 12 Degree Pitched Roof

    it really depends on the location, sheltered should be ok, i have 2 mo4 velux with slate on my extension and the most pitch i could get was 10 degrees and thats nearly 10 years old now with no problems. i wouldnt install at that pitch for a customer just in case it came back to bite me in the...
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    Are my valleys acceptable?

    shocking work, really hope you keep your nerve and dont pay him. out of interest , how much did he quote?
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    Is it really so expensive?

    tosh, just totting up in my head between myself and the lads working for me we must have installed somewhere between 100-200 and to my knowledge none have ever leaked because of a fault with the union. only one i can remember leaking was due to a cast bracket breaking and pulling the gutter out...
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    Is it really so expensive?

    seems obvious to me from the pictures that the profile/radius of the plastic is far too small for the cast. thats where the problem is. a correct union will solve that. a union will be a harder plastic and less prone to movement and will seal correctly. trying to drill and bolt flexible...
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    Is it really so expensive?

    if fitted correctly shouldnt matter if it rains every day of the year. as long as the cast side is fitted on a proper cast joint and sealed and bolted there is no reason for it to leak. problems only occur when fitted incorrectly where cast has been cut down or not properly sealed.
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    Is it really so expensive?

    why such a downer on plastic to cast. 25yrs in the trade and never had one leak through any fault in the union.
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    Scaffolding? or Ladders?

    i use ladders for coverboard and guttering but for the diyer scaffold it. working with ladders all day means you know the limitations, you dont wanna go all rod hull do you?
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    Narrow Roof Window

    what is the distance between rafters?
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    Is it really so expensive?

    seems excessive. if its just old ogee cast then a plastic to cast is not expensive at all and if its a flat fronted terrace not a bay victorian then it should take no more than an hour.. down here in devon i would be charging £75 + the adapter. a picture would help with advising
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    plaster nest to tile

    ok, took down studs, taken up p5 and cut ply ready for laying. what a ****ing ball ache.. what primer do i use on back and edges? do i do anything to the tile surface? what adhesive grout do you recommend for porceline? its a beige tile and not sure what colour grout to go for
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    Sole Trader Rates Question.

    fixed price every time. i too am a roofer. if asked i tell the customer you are paying for my knowledge and expertise, not my time. tell them as long as the job is done properly shouldnt matter if it takes 1/2 hour or a week. they know what the job costs right from the start. i would and...
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    leaking velux window

    from the looks of the picture the pitch is too shallow for tile. i could be wrong but thats what it looks like. do you know the pitch?
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    chimney work

    i think the point is, its neat enough but step flashing is the correct way to do it. yes it will work and miles better than neighbour but if you're gonna post pics of something thats not a show piece then people will comment. one thing i always say to anyone working with me is imagine Matt...
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    plaster nest to tile