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    Ikea Atlant Waste washing machine outlet hose

    Well it doesn't stretch over, even with a dab of washing up liquid and manipulation. I probably need something that my 22mm hole can fit on to and at the other end is rubber that can fit over the waste connector, which inside is about 22mm but outside nearly 25mm in diameter. Obviously...
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    Ikea Atlant Waste washing machine outlet hose

    Alright, Just got a new washing machine and the outlet hose end is the same size as the connector on the waste (crapping Ikea Atlant), silly question but what would be best connector to get, I guess the hose and fitting are approx 22mm
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    Replacing Ikea Atlant waste

    I'd quite like to replace the whole waste system (Ikea Atlant) for my Domsjo sink. Has anyone successfully purchased and fitted an alternative waste system from a different supplier? The Domsjo sink is the larger of the single basins that ikea sell.
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    Timer problem Danfoss Timer, Vaillant Boiler, Honeywell Ther

    Hi, I have a Vaillant TurboMax Boiler a Danfoss 103 mech timer and the standard Honeywell thermostat. About a year ago the boiler no longer responded to the Timer instructions, it still works when the timer is switched to constant and the heating responded to the thermo. So I wasn't that...
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    Longer strap boss adaptor

    I was hoping to avoid that as it means a lot of awkward work, I'll try the silicone. Otherwise I'll have to bite the bullet but I was wondering if there was an easier way. Cheers
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    Longer strap boss adaptor

    Does anyone know where I can get a longer strap on boss adaptor. I seem to have a gap between the connecting pipe and boss and I'm getting a tiny drip from the adaptor? I'm looking for one that's around 60mm in length!! Just wondered if they exist, otherwise I'm going to have to replace some...