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    Vaillant Ecotec plus 937 with Opentherm and Evohome

    I have the same issue as the OP. Is there a solution?
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    Help with Vaillant ecotec plus 937

    Monkeysballs - I have the same boiler as you (a 10 year old Ecotec Plus 937). I've just received a VR33 but notice that the shift load tank is already connected to X31 on the main pcb. How is your VR33 connected to the main pcb?
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    What sleeve & insulation for 25mm MDPE?

    What do people use to sleeve & insulate a new 25mm MDPE supply - this one is coming up through a concrete slab just inside the exterior wall. Thanks in advance.
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    dirt seperators - what are your thoughts?

    We've started fitting spirovent dirt seperators at work and I've just installed a Magnaclean for a customer, but are they a waste of time on sealed systems? Which ones do you rate?
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    Stop Tap Washer Question (And soldering wet pipes story)

    The water supplier won't be in any hurry to replace their stop tap - expect 4 to 6 weeks delay. What about changing the dodgy soldered fitting for a compression fitting?
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    Expansion tank in loft

    Your tank is fine
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    domestic hot water booster pumps

    Wouldn't it be easier to change your kitchen mixer tap for one designed for low pressure?
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    Hot cylinder loss of hot water in all taps

    How long have yoy been without hot water? How long have you been trying to get the installer back? I don't think you should be trying to make a repair - these cylinders can only be fitted/ maintained by qualified engineers for a reason. Write to the builder (as well as phoning), do it...
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    Mains water flow rate

    Beautifully put - that'll teach me to post before I'm awake
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    Mains water flow rate

    If you've got 200 litres of hot water that your using at 16 litres per minute then you've got about 12 minutes of shower time I'd have thought. Have you seen There is no mention of supply flow rates in there that I can see though and I like...
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    Power shower with combi

    Now that the OP has resolved his problem - didn't want to confuse things any further. simond - what makes you think that the flow rate is immaterial if you pump off the mains? Not saying your wrong, just curious as i can only find a reference to 12 litres limit without permission. Thanks
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    My new bathroom!

    Start by finding tiles and a shower you like. By the time you add on labour, pipe, fittings, tile adhesive & grout you'll be looking at least double.
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    Power shower with combi

    The water regulations do not allow a pump connected to the mains to draw more than 12 litres per minute unless permission has been granted in writing from the water supplier. Most shower pumps would draw more than this and the solution would be to supply hot and cold from a cistern - So it...
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    Restricting cold flow to mixer tap

    flow regulator ball valves £5.99 - again, keep meaning to try them but never quite got round to ordering some.
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    How often should i need to re-pressurise a combo boiler?

    It sounds as though you have a small leak somewhere. You may be able to spot it if its a weeping radiator valve or something else thats fairly visible, but it may be under the floor somewhere. If you've just changed from an old "vented" system with a hot water cylinder then its not unheard of to...
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    Worcestor Bosch highflow 400 electronic RSF - Potential Prob

    Has the flow rate slowly declined over the last 4 years or hs it been the same since day two? Do you live in a hard water area?
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    why my shower cold water pressure is so weak?

    Ditto - you need to get him back.
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    What flue gas analyser.....

    Well that seems pretty conclusive ! Many thanks
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    What flue gas analyser.....

    ..... are you using or would you reccomend?
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    Boiler not heating hot water tank! Any ideas?

    Hi Can you feel both 28mm pipes at the boiler end and again at the cylinder end. The boiler needs to be have been on for 15 minutes or so. CAREFUL - they should be VERY hot! I'm expecting you to say that the cylinder end is noticably cooler. In theory with gravity circulation the...