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    Head gasket repair

    Take off the oil filler cap and look for signs of water in the oil which will appear as a milky emulsion. Head gaskets have to deal with enormous pressures and often corrode and break down with time. In my years of experience as an engine fitter there is really no alternative to removing the...
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    Mystery oil problem.

    About 3 months and 3000 miles. The oil was amber coloured and really sticky between the fingers. Another clue was that it took 10 seconds or so for the oil light to go out. However there does not seem to have been any damage to the engine.
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    Mystery oil problem.

    Checked the oil on the wife's Peugeot106XR.(88k). Noticed that the oil on the dipstick was very thick and sticky and decided to investigate and do an oil and filter change. Before draining did a warm up drive; the "oil" that came out of the drain plug was almost gel-like in consistency. Rather...
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    connect pushfit waste to solvent weld pipe

    Refitting the bathroom.I want to use 32mm pushfit waste and need to connect to the old solvent weld pipe which runs through the wall to the outside soil stack. Is there a fitting which will enable me to do this please?