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    Green And Red TV Screen

    Hi guys, i have a toshiba 32yt56b tv. The left side of the screen has turned green and the right side has turned red. I have checked all the connections and all ok i am wondering if the tube is on its way out? I have tried all the settings from the remote and no luck. Does anyone know how to...
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    Wall lights

    Hi, i have two wall lights in my lounge which i need to remove. What is the best way to kill the power to them as i dont want to leave live wires in the wall. Thanks.
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    Hotpoint Freezer Leak

    lasted 4 days and has frozen again! :(
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    Engine Revs

    because of the gearing. some cars are slower on take off and better top end. is your focus faster acceleration than your other car? if so just geared differently for that reason. :)
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    Hotpoint Freezer Leak

    hi mate,well ive defrosted the hole, ran hot water through it, then a coat hanger, then some rope of the same diameter, then more hot water! no signs of any debris came out so have to see what happens! :) cheers carl.
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    Hotpoint Freezer Leak

    Hi, i have cleared the hole many times using warm water but it still freezes up after a couple of days!! :( also had a length of wire down it until it comes out the bottom. Had some debris out the first time but never again. May try a pipe cleaner? I was wondering if the pipe ran too close to...
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    could be the head gasket? check your oil for yellow gunk :wink:
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    Hotpoint Freezer Leak

    Hi, i have a hotpoint rfs60 fridge freezer. The drain hole at the back keeps freezing up causing water to overflow from the fridge. I have unblocked the pipe on numerous occasions but it re-freezes within a couple of days. I have cleaned the door seals, checked for leaks but cant find anything...
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    Combi Boiler Pressure

    Just a quick thanx to kev, boiler has had new secondary heat exchanger and is now running sweet. Cheers m8. :P
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    Boiler reachers 4 bar plus

    To Gigiano I have this fault at the minute. What did it turn out to be ?
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    Combi Boiler Pressure

    Thanks for your help guys i will get this sorted. I was told it may have been the expansion vessel, glad i havent bought one yet! Cheers.
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    Combi Boiler Pressure

    Hello mate, in the manual i can see a heat exchanger and a plate heat exchanger! Which is the secondary one???? Thanks.
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    Combi Boiler Pressure

    I have a baxi 105e combi boiler and the water pressure is constantly increasing until it hits 3 bar and the relief valve kicks in. I have disconnected the filling loop but it still increases in pressure. I have to manually release the pressure every day. Pressure rises even when system is turned...