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    Rogue Traders

    That's what I thought but on the prog they clearly showed just the boiler cover being removed and they then said "that's illegal".... scaremongering then? or factually incorrect programme using incorrect advice from the "expert". Pete
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    Rogue Traders

    I saw this prog last night ( recorded it ages ago ). Is it right that you need to be a corgi to simply take the cover off the boiler ? what about say an electrician replacing the timer ? Pete
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    Wheres the leak???

    just a thought, are any sections of pipe accesible ? you could hire a pipe freezer to isolate a section to help narrow down the leak ? Pete
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    do I need a corgi or National Grid or both ?

    Re: why have we waited 10yr: each yr the guy we get in to service the boiler puts on the comments section of the receipt that the pipe needs protecting, this yr my wife saw the receipt.............. The room is tiny and used for storage at one end and the tumble drier at the other. The pipe...
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    do I need a corgi or National Grid or both ?

    Even though the extension was built around 10yr ago ? it was also inspected and passed by the building inspector who surely must have noticed the meter and pipe away from the wall ? So if I ring around I just need to ask if they have MET1 ? Pete
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    do I need a corgi or National Grid or both ?

    Our gas meter was orig in a lean to brick built 'thing' on the side of the house. The 'thing' was demolished and a proper single storey extension built which was bigger. The meter is now about 1foot into the room and the pipe to the adjacent boiler ( in corner on orig outside wall of house )is...
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    Ferroli Optima 701 spares ?

    Thanks for the quick replies. Ferroli have now replied to my email simply saying this part is now obsolete, customer care eh! I registered on the partscenter site and had a search but didn't get far, I found a valve pack for £40+ but no description of what it consists of. I could not get to...
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    Ferroli Optima 701 spares ?

    Hi, I had a plumber friend install two extra rads ( new extension ) for me, the two flow/ret isolation valves under the boiler are now dripping. He gave me a phone no. for HECAS in Rochdale and said he'd fit them if I get them. HECAS tell me they're obsolete and they can't help! Looking...
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    HSE question re hot water

    In the kitchen at the company I work for there is a small electric boiler ( geyser ? ) over the sink , a mains cold water tap and an electric kettle. I noticed today someone filled the kettle from the boiler, is this a bad idea? the boiler has been there for yrs and the water here is quite...
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    Garden Pictures

    That's the wife and youngest on the left in the rockery, I'm behind the fort doing a bit of digging!
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    Anyone used pond liner for shed roof ?

    Thanks for the replies folk. I have been looking further and found, these give 20yr guarantee , I last used the green stone? covered felt and after 3yrs it's starting to crack. AND This...
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    Anyone used pond liner for shed roof ?

    I have heard it's UV proof and lasts much longer than felt. If you have, how did you attach it so the wind doesn't make it billow? glue it to the roof ? Pete
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    Screwfix towel warmer

    I fitted one of these last month and thought at the time that they where expecting a lot as the brackets are plastic! A chrome tube screws to the wall then a smaller tube is attached to the rad ( 4 in all ) which slides into the wall mounted one and is secured underneath with a self tapper. Two...
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    no dhw on ferroli optima 701

    Does LED2 light when you turn on a hot tap ? Is LED4 lit at that time ? Pete
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    NETGEAR WG602 v2 access point

    If you have Winxp or win2k then goto a command prompt and ipconfig This will display your ip address and default gateway. The def gway is the router address so stick that in IE and you should get the login for the admin. For Win98 it's winipcfg Pete
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    What use is a HEPA filter on a bagless vac ?

    Coz when you empty it you end up in a cloud of dust inhaling all sorts, or are you supposed to use the HEPA filter as a face mask instead of fitting it to the vac...... Pete
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    Engine performance chip

    320D tuning box approx £150 here I have had one on my Rover 75 for over a yr, big improvement in power and no change in mpg. NB BMW M47R diesel engine in my R75. Pete
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    Was replacing our loo seat, ended up in A&E !

    mild concusion and a couple of stiches............ took old seat off, opened cupboard over bath and got cleaner spray, cleaned up loo where hinges had been, measured holes, sat down next to bath and adjusted new seat to fit the holes, stood up BANG! straight into the bottom edge of the...
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    Probably openeing a can of worms, but.........

    Agile, the relay isn't the fault, a component on the board fails which then switches the relay at 50hz ( the buzzing ) and the subsequent arcing inside as it trys to power the fan causes the blackening. However, points taken, I'll crawl away and leave you all to it........ just seemed a...