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    Should angle beading be replaced?

    Hi All, I'm about to prepare and plaster my upstairs toilet. The wall with the recessed window is lined with plasterboard. The window is recessed by about 10inches or so. I'm wondering when it is necessary to remove the existing angle beading and replace? Should I attempt to skim without new...
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    connecting DOC

    Thanks again to all. Job done, with Heavy pattern d.o.c.. Now for the rads ! :o
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    connecting DOC

    hi, Thanks. I tried a new washer, but it still squirts out the part with the thread - where you unscrew to open the valve. Thanks, David.
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    connecting DOC

    Hi, I need to replace a drain off cock that's leaking. I've bought one, but it seems to be made of brass. Can I solder this on (I intended to use a yorkshire fitting, or do I have to use a compression joint? I'd try it and see, but only have one - and don't want another trip to the...
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    Too many wires for terminal in timeswitch

    Oh ! I see! Thanks for the swift replies. I could cut a hole in the plasterboard so the choc blocks would sit behind the timeswitch. Then run a single lead from the choc blocks to the timeswitch. Does that sound right ? David.
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    Too many wires for terminal in timeswitch

    Hi All, I've had to change the timeswitch on my boiler. I had a danfoss randall 3020p and have bought a SET2E to replace it. It's a gravity fed system with a pump, 3 wire room thermostat and the boiler. I've wired it up but can only do so in a temprary fashion (i.e. to test it) using a...
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    The prize goes to jonjb: "a blockage in the burner pipework to the jet but this would be highly unlikely" To elaborate... He took the front off the boiler, and vacuumed inside. The "injector" was then unblocked with a pin. Looks like it was never the gas valve, or the thermostat but it...
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    Hi All, thanks for the replies. It was definitely a new valve, as I bought it from a shop, and it had some form of paper tamper seal over the ports. I'll call and ask him to do a pressure test. Thanks jonjb. >> if this is the gas valve with the grey knob,that you turn to the star >>sign...
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    >>He came and installed a new one. >>>>NEW ? gas valve is feked , needs changing It's exhibiting exactly the same symptoms as the old one. In what way do they fail?
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    240v over terminals at gas valve. David.
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    Hi, I'm not telling lies. I put the thermostat in myself, but left the gas valve to him. He said if the stat doesnt make it work, he will suggest a new boiler. I'll try the voltmeter accross the gas valve this evening There are no motoroised valves. It's gravity fed and has a primtic...
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    BAXI WM532rs will not ignite burner

    Hi all, I've been cold for several months now. The above boiler failed some time back. Finally got the money saved to call someone out. He cleaned up the igniter and now the pilot works as well as it used to. It stays on and seems to be the same size as it used to be. The main burner...
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    Turf it or seed it?

    hi, (sorry to jump in and ask a question on a similar topic - but it seems a bit crazy to start a new-but-similar thread.) I have removed a bush/tree with many hours of sweat and tears. I want to seed the area, but fear the ground is too soft (-now!). I have added a mix of sharp sand +...
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    digging up a tree stump

    is it ok to leave the roots buried? will they die? Dave.
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    Kitchen worktop cutting/fitting costs

    Just had one of those fancy (the one with the worktop jig)cuts and he cut the worktop to size too. £25. Great job. No messing, arrived on time, did the job and b******d off. My kind of tradesman.
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    fiat punto heating

    could it be head gasket?
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    Engine cuts out on Vauxhall Corsa

    a friend had identical problem with his vectra... crank shaft sensor needed replacing. Worked fine after.
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    almost drilled through a pipe.. help!

    hello. While attempting to screw a bracket into a wall, i've drilled part way into a copper pipe :( (not enough to perforate it).. it looks like a 15mm pipe. It runs horizontally across a wall at about 90cm from the floor. (EXACTLY where i need to put my screws. :? ) I cannot think of...
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    worktop sealing

    hi, i have recently cut some kitchen worktop. I sealed the edges with clear varnish, in the hope of preventing water from getting in. Its supposed to take 6 hours to dry - and it did when i used it before. However, its been "tacky" for 3 days now. why isnt it drying? Would PVA glue do a...
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    kitchen units to wall

    sounds good... thank you all.