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    How much does it cost to get a boiler replaced?

    Depends on the following Type and make of Boiler you want Does the flue require a diverter kit/extension Does the gas pipe need upsizing Are they going to do a power flush and the standard rate also depends on the area you live in
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    advice on new radiators

    Shut the valves on all the rads except the 2 that dont warm up and try bleeding them again, if they do warm up then its a balancing issue If not, let us know
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    Heating pipes - plaster cracking

    hi all I recently had my room skimmed, and the guy did a great job, howver their is one problem of my own making There are heating pipes buried in the wall, I removed all the blown plaster around the pipes prior to having it skimmed, and wrapped the pipe in denzo to give it protection...
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    Kitchen floor wet

    The hole is quite big, my hand fits down it quite easily, I cant see if its been repaired before but it looks like a plastic sand bag thats been stuffed down the hole
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    Kitchen floor wet

    I agree, i find it unlikely to be splash back, ive checked under the kithen units where the sink is and the damp patch only extends to one area under the sink, theres definatly no leaks from the sink/waste etc except where the mains pipe enters the building under the sink, I was thinking that...
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    Kitchen floor wet

    Hi all the laminate on my sisters kitchen foor has began lifting, Ive checked for damp and the concrete floor is indeed damp. Ive checked as much as the floor as possible without lifting the laminate and am working through what it could be and wondered if the decking could be at fault...
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    Does pedestal give support to basin?

    Ive only fitted a couple so im no expert but I normaly ensure the wallfixings are sufficient to hold the basin in position by theirselves, and that the basin sits as firmly and securely as possible on the pedestal to offer extra support, then I silicone around the top and bottom of the pedestal.
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    lighting in hallway

    hello Apologies in advance if this seems a silly post but i know very little about electrics Having my hallway re-skimmed, and am going to change the lights the hallway is 6m by 2m and 2.4m high, currently have 1 positioned in the middle of the hallway with 3 60w bulbs. The hallway is...
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    Help Bleeding Radiators

    hopefully you should be able to remove the whole valve rather than just the screws and replace them, all depends on what type of rads you have. If you have the other type of rads ill have to have a think about it. Im sure someone else will answer in the meantime with an easy way
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    Shower tray traps

    you can buy plastic pannelling to cover the framework, dont forget to leave access in the framework to get to the trap if needed
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    TRV's union and wall thermostat(?) query

    fitted a magnaclean in my house, worth every penny, as has been said, it pays for itself in the long run
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    Help Bleeding Radiators

    replace the bleed valves
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    heating pipes in wall

    thanks for the replies both given me some ideas there, dont think id replace the copper with plastic though due to having a plastic fitting in the wall where i convert from copper(cant get under floorboards in landing). I might stick with copper and sleeve this in plastic ChrisRs option...
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    heating pipes in wall

    your post has given me an idea now, I could use plastic coated copper piping and solder the joint, anyone know if that would give enough protection against the heat?
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    heating pipes in wall

    thanks for the reply, forgot to mention the landing has laminate flooring aswell, and thats where the pipes tee off for the rad in the hallway, I could convert at the top of the wall but the joint would be hidden which im not keen on, but it may be the only option
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    heating pipes in wall

    Hi Im having my hallway skimmed but have a problem with heating pipes that are buried in an internal wall. The wall is 4 inch thick and made of block and looks to be load bearing, currently the pipes are buried about 2 inches into the wall and are surrounded by concrete and are not wrapped...
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    retaining wall woes

    thanks for the reply static sounds like he did an acceptable job then. thanks again:)
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    retaining wall woes

    originally their was a retaining wall in front of the patio, but one of the kids had an accident on the steps, hence the getting rid of it. But thanks for your answer, itll put her mind at rest about whats been done so far
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    retaining wall woes

    Hi 2 years ago my sister had her garden lowered by around 80cm to the same level as her patio, which resulted in all the gardens around her being at a higher level level. To support the sides she had a builder in who suggested having sleepers put in, which she did. Unfortunately the space...
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    Hydro shower problem

    Hi A hydro shower has been fitted in a friends flat, the hot water cylinder is at floor level, when the shower is used below the level of the cylinder the water temperature is fine, when the shower head is used standing up then the water temperature reduces to luke warm. Would i be right...