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    making a solid floor

    Noseall - I'm new, and you've been posting for years - so you're in a better position to advise what to do -- it seems to me that the screed estimator on this site is wrong - and badly so. I've seen a fair bit of contradictory stuff on this site, and from other estimating tools on the web...
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    Screed Floor - Quantities of Sharp sand and Cement

    Well, yes ! - but it seems to me that no-one is querying the screed estimator sticky on the Building forum - or the Source4me estimator -- I reckon both are seriously wrong (and one is copying the other) - There are no more recent reliable mix-guides, nor any more recent threads - except...
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    Screed Floor - Quantities of Sharp sand and Cement

    If you use a small container and your kitchen scales you will find that sand weighs quite a bit MORE than cement - it is denser. Hence a bag of cement will be bigger than the same-weight bag of sand -- I think we can see this by looking at the two bags next to one another. Blue Circle and...