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    glass like gloss finish

    want to know opinions on how to acheive a glass like finish on a wooden 4 panel door.already prepped and undercoat sanded perfectly flat with wet and dry paper(looks great already!) but im wondering 2 or 3 very thin coats of gloss lightly de nibbing between coats? or 1 or 2 full bodied coats and...
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    bannister paint

    id just use an oil based undercoat then gloss or eggshell
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    papering question

    thanks guys
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    all the paint companies have had to alter their formulations of oil based paints for 2010 to meet the voc regulations set by europe :cry: personally i think the fumes are slightly less but as the make up is different their could be something that triggers your asthma
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    eggshell on lining paper

    id give it a coat of emulsion first to satisfy the porosity of the paper (love that term lol)then a coat of probs
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    papering question

    question for the pros here.i just papered a hall stairs and landing,not bad access,3m high on the walls,much the same on the stairs.i went through 10 rolls of no match not the quickest at papering but after prep,it to ok me 2 days just papering! is this average,slow, very slow?not...
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    sealing a concrete block wall before painting

    i have a concrete block wall to paint in sandtex white. never been painted before and i know its going to sook the paint in like a sponge. i was going to seal it in unibond pva then paint but if that was an inside plaster wall id expect it to peel right off? what do you recommend?
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    Wallpaper that can be drawn on and then washed off

    vitrulan do a wall covering that can be drawn on with markers then wiped off, its for board rooms etc and is available through any crown decorators centre,not 100% sure but i think muraspec will do one too and there available at dulux decs centres :wink:
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    Bubbles in emulsion

    most likely a greasy hand mark or contaminated with something else similar. if it is just one small area id still try the above cure but just undercoat the bubbly patch and re-emulsion that one wall
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    Bubbles in emulsion

    is it a smokers house? ive had this happen with nicotine before. it has to be washed down with sugar soap first ,rinsed then painted. if it is caused by nicotine another coat can reactivate the problem,the best way round it would be a coat of oil based eggshell as a finish or a thinned coat of...
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    dulux trade ecosure gloss/undercoat

    theres a dulux dec centre in newtownabbey and one in ballynahinch, dont know how far they are from you?
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    wallpaper seams on very dark papers

    do you think lining paper would have helped by absorbing some of the paste quicker?it was only a 3 minute soak time on the label and with the wall having been emulsioned already(sealed) i wondered if it was still soaking on the wall?
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    wallpaper seams on very dark papers

    hi there, i do a lot of painting and decorating with good results but i'm having a problem with very dark patterned papers that i cant overcome myself and need advice. lining papers, anaglyptas, light coloured flat papers all no prob but the past twice ,once with a homebase dark brown paper and...
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    Tiling on Tongue N Groove

    see above posts,you should sheet it first
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    Tiling on Tongue N Groove

    are you talking t+g looking the same as the floorboards or is it more like channel lining with a flat recess between each board?
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    oil based gloss on top of eco paint

    should be fine but always gives you a better grip as well as smoothing out the surface
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    spray painting advice please

    i used one for an ornate cornice a while back.the paint goes on much thinner so needs twice as many coats and the offspray is terrible . imo not worth the effort.if it were any good it would be done in all the new builds which its not. hope this helps
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    Tiling on Tongue N Groove

    yes it is possible,the only thing you need to make sure of is that there is no flexing in the tongue and groove or itll just pop the tiles off.if it were me ,i would line the t+g with thin plywood to give a level secure surface then tile ontop of that.
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    painting over synthaproof

    hi, never painted synthaproof but if it contains bitumen then the only thing that will stop it bleeding is aluminium primer. hope this helps
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    Cove Angle?

    just saw a great thing called a magic measures the angle of the corner and cuts each piece into half of that angle,so simple! costs about £40 but looks worth every penny! especially good for walls that arent true even on a 90* angle