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  1. jangus

    removable legs for a home made mdf piano shell

    i have recently made a piano shell from mdf. i bought the thickest lathed legs from the decking section (colonial end post) from the garden section at b&q, they suite very well. i had them cut to the right height then drilled a 10mm hole into the top of the post, squeezed the most strong...
  2. jangus

    painting an mdf piano shell

    cheers for that!! any idea which would be a good black paint for the finish?
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  4. piano shell

    piano shell

    piano shell
  5. jangus

    painting an mdf piano shell

    // i have built a full sized baby grand piano shell from mdf. it's to house an electric piano for portable gigs around the UK. i am looking at painting it black. i'm not after the truly polished mirror type shine of a grand...