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  1. Grizzly

    More language "evolution"

    The American Standards Association changed its name, and has been called the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) since 1969!
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    PAT Testing a Figure 8 cable

    That's what yer functional check is there for! :)
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    PAT Testing a Figure 8 cable

    There's no test available on any PAT tester that will accommodate 2-core leads fitted with figure 8 connectors (IEC C1) Earth Continuity: not appliacable Insulation Resistance: the lead has no earth connection, and is fully enclosed in insulation, so unless you take the advice of the crazier...
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    PAT Testing a Figure 8 cable

    Judging by Carl's initial query, and his subsequent responses, I would feel that his competence to be carrying out this testing should be brought into question.
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    What other forums think of us

    Although that statement from the Mod was posted over a year ago, but the thread remains closed but viewable...
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    Running Windows on Apples
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    EDF asking for a dead test certificate

    This is all very nice and everything, but I was really wanting to see where the whole `The Building Act 1984 isn't a law` debate was going to go. I`m intrigued to know why the OP doesn't think that it is.
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    power supply cord

    Exactly how is that relevant to the point in hand? Of course case matters in many instances. A web search for a model number? No, not really. Regardez:
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    power supply cord

    A Google search for both 'klv-15sr1' and 'KLV-15SR1' gives one exactly the same set of results. I very much doubt that has anything to do with the computer that the search was requested from...
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    Not quite picture of the week

    Wow. There's a couple of people on here who need to refresh their understanding of BS 1363 plug and socket wiring! Neutral hole indeed! The card is not really incorrect, just ambiguous to the uninformed about what the wiring view is actually telling them. It could do with some extra...
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    Amp-hours calculation

    True No. 'N m' is not the SI unit of energy. It is, however, a way of expressing the derived quantity of energy in terms of other SI units, in this case the newton and the metre. There is a difference. To be exact, the joule is the SI unit of the derived quantity of energy, work...
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    Amp-hours calculation

    It would make a pleasant change if you didn't insist on repeatedly displaying your ignorance in this subject.
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    Amp-hours calculation

    I think you may have meant GarethH there, but your point still stands. Energy always has a time component, irrespective of whether the units you are using and manipulating are masking it or not. Dimensionally, energy is always expressed as M L^2 T^-2 *, whatever units are used. Just...
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    Amp-hours calculation

    Although the amp-hour is a measure of electric charge, and is usually used in reference to battery capacity :)
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    Misleading connector ?

    Kentishman, Are you absolutely sure that the covers will not fit on the other way round? In all the other pictures you posted in this thread, and on the TLC link, the sockets are quite clearly shown as housed in the cover with the protruding flange/collar. The pins are housed in the other...
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    Is PAT testing law?

    Not forgetting that "Galapagos" means tortoise, so the "Galapagos tortoise" is the "tortoise tortoise"...
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    .pages in windows

    So not the document you originally sent, then! :wink:
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    .pages in windows

    Even if you unzip the zipped file (using something like 7-Zip is a good way), as far as I know, you still would not be able to open an Apple Pages document (.pages) in Microsoft Word. Get your client to resend the document in .doc or .docx format. Surely you have the original file saved...
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    8.1 rip off!

    I prefer LibreOffice ( to OpenOffice, to be honest. But yeah, download and install either of those, and you'll have a fully featured office suite for free.