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  1. chivers67

    RCD trips when one MCB is switched off.

    In the first instance I'd check the circuit neutrals are in the correct place
  2. chivers67

    Steel container below the fusebox?

    I'm not suggesting anything it was merely a comment to show a pitfall.
  3. chivers67

    Steel container below the fusebox?

    I was working in Exeter a number of years back on a Mobile site that had metal trunking. I went to remove one cover to see if I could run a power cable for a 4G cabinet and it blew a fuse as one single 2.5mm had a tiny bit of insulation nicked and as I turned the screw it shorted out and took...
  4. chivers67

    Steel container below the fusebox?

    Looks like the supply cable is only Single insulated so maybe whoever installed the Trunking did it to provide an extra layer of protection but does seem a bit extreme, unless there are other cables entering the DB from below but it doesn't look that way.
  5. chivers67

    Adding RCBO to existing consumer unit

    Has the shower got another protective device not shown in your photo then?
  6. chivers67

    Pond Electrics!

    You need to find the power rating of whatever you're trying to connect. As long as it doesn't overload the circuit it should be ok. It Should have RCD protection outside, has it got that anywhere?
  7. chivers67

    IP66 Socket breaking

    MK Master Seal Guaranteed for years! Any good for you?
  8. chivers67

    Portable Aircon Unit how best to plug in..

    Am I missing something here? It says 16A on that plug at present however the Unit only seems to draw 4.6A
  9. chivers67

    Help with bathroom light

    Well the clips will be 120 degrees from each other, it's hard to see how they hold the glass in place though. Are there slots for the clips on the light fitting anywhere it looks like I can see two from the photo?
  10. chivers67

    electric for shower

    Anything below 30A is going to be awful in Winter when the ambient water temperature is a lot lower. Do you not own the property?
  11. chivers67

    New Plug for Dishwasher - Junction Box or Plug

    Is that junction box actually part of a Ring? If the answer is yes you could remove that completely and replace it with surface backbox and a single socket. This would make it easier to remove the Dishwasher completely for any future maintenance a 13A fused connection unit could be suitable it...
  12. chivers67

    Replacing wall lights - help with different connections

    Actually you're right John, needs three x three way Wagos
  13. chivers67

    Replacing wall lights - help with different connections

    You just need to strip a bit of the black cable sheath off and literally install the brown to the Wago block with Browns, The Earth to the Wago block with Earths and the Blue to the Wago block with blue cables. *Edit Requires 3 New Wago blocks or similar to accept three conductors*
  14. chivers67


    Did the guy at the Consumer unit have any kind of tester? How many circuits? Regardless of the time taken this wasn't done correctly if the guy walking about didn't have any Test equipment, he'd need to check socket measurements/polarity at the very least and RCD trip times if you have any? Why...
  15. chivers67

    Fuse socket

    Does that Switched Fused connection unit Feed the Socket? If so plugging your fresh air into it should be fine.
  16. chivers67

    Max Cable Size.

    Normally up to 6mm for FCUs but it depends on the manufacturer.
  17. chivers67

    Do cables wear out if used too much?

    IR only really reduces when joints are made outside from my experience
  18. chivers67

    First fix help

    I try not to use plastic plasterboard boxes, I tend to fit a noggin and use metal boxes as they are better from a maintenance aspect and often I have found the lugs on the plastic boxes to be temperamental. I normally tuck all cables inside the back box in a loop then and place a piece of...
  19. chivers67

    What kind of light switch housing is this?

    The only way of removing that without disruption is to pull the cable up/out enough to cut it with a multi tool with a metal cutting blade or angle grinder but really not worth the grief. Then hope the conductors push back down!
  20. chivers67

    Can I have a 3 phase supply added easily

    Nothing to do with your question as clearly Flameport & co have answered that, but Is that SWA coming out the Wiska box armour earthed anywhere? Hopefully there's a piranha locking nut inside it or at the other end.