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  1. lostinfens

    Plasterer needed in the Worcester area

    Hi all, I know of people who need some plastering/ rendering that are struggling to find anyone. They live about 10 miles SW of Worcester, have a had a report specifying the required work & now need someone to do the work. Anyone available or know of someone? Cheers
  2. lostinfens

    which render board for dormer cheeks?

    Hi all, Currently at roof level on a dormer bungalow, and no detailing (architects worth every penny) for dormer cheeks. Knauf exterior aqua-panels seems to be preferred, anyone know of alternatives? The cheeks will be k-rendered as is upper portion of external walls, so that is a major...
  3. lostinfens

    plasterboard hoist

    I'm doing a new build, and thinking of investing in a plasterboard hoist/lifter. Anyone recommend a decent one.
  4. lostinfens

    Splice beams

    Many moons ago, I was taught that joists should be span(feet)/thickness(inches) + 2 (inches). Obviously this has little relevance to matey's knock through which should really be supported by something manlike.
  5. lostinfens

    Do I need a Chimney Pot

    It is, in fact it's the only known way to clean a flue. Also it's one of the few careers for which orphans are suited, that or a life of crime under the auspices of a racial stereotype
  6. lostinfens

    Do I need a Chimney Pot

    As you're in London, I'm sure you need a chimney wide enough to fit an orphan.
  7. lostinfens

    Dry rot or wet rot. ?

    Either woodworm or someone's been careless with a shotgun.
  8. lostinfens

    Eco-Joists- anyone here used them?

    Thanks all for that, seems that the only spacing advantage is down to the wider section & that's minimal. Do have an en-suite in the larger bedroom and an adjoining bathroom. I may use them for the longest span, that or 9x3 joists specified, which will probably have a detrimental effect on the...
  9. lostinfens

    Eco-Joists- anyone here used them?

    Well Duhhh! read the latter part
  10. lostinfens

    Eco-Joists- anyone here used them?

    Seen them ont'interweb, what's the score with them, price ease of use etc. My architect says that you can space them further than timber joists, although that seems a bit iffy with tacking out & flooring.
  11. lostinfens

    Eco-Joists- anyone here used them?

    I'm currently into a 3 bed newbuild, approaching chamber height & considering Eco-joists, particularly for a 4.5m span. Anyone any experience with these?
  12. lostinfens

    Door opening and Engineering brick external wall

    Timber size, depends on the wall, plaster margins etc. Assuming a Victorian property with 4" brickwork & plaster, I'd use 4x2 CLS or similar with preferably half inch plasterboard, if your plaster margin allows. It's also a good idea to allow for a coat of bonding either scrimmed or better...
  13. lostinfens

    Door opening and Engineering brick external wall

    You can increase the height & width to whatever size, why a foot higher & wider? Concrete lintols should be more than adequate for internal use, it's the propping & fitting that is the tricky part. Even if not load bearing there's usually something above which could spoil your day if you're not...
  14. lostinfens

    Celotex type boards vs rock wool for cavity wall

    Can I just mention in this fractious exchange that as a brickie of 40yrs, I still find fitting rockwool a challenge! :D
  15. Tumbled in gables

    Tumbled in gables

    Adding an external chim breast & gable to existing building with stack. Tumbled in as per clients request. Looks better with both roofs on<br>
  16. lostinfens

    Heidleberg cement, any issues with this?

    I use the same basic mix whatever. Sometimes beef it up a tad for internal areas that may need it, but never that much. I'm aware of the vagaries of weather etc., just never really experienced such a wide variation even within the same mix. I think this is what used to be Castle cement, don't...
  17. lostinfens

    Heidleberg cement, any issues with this?

    Hi all, I'm into a new build and using Heidelberg cement, because that's what my supplier supplies, and I'm having some mixed results with the quality of the mortar. Some mixes seem to vary quite a bit from one course to another and some mixes seem noticeably weaker. Before you ask, I am...
  18. wor 'ouse

    wor 'ouse

    New roof with pv panels & Conservatory
  19. lostinfens

    Cost for Brick wall and steps

    Havent been on this forum in ages, laughed my socks off at this one though :roll: I have to agree with Byron that the wording was ambiguous. However, it's hard to believe that 2 brickies or 1 & 1 would do 2 days for £280, but some people believe in god, the big bang theory and that Rooney is...
  20. lostinfens

    Opening up a fireplace puzzle

    A concrete lintol would cost less than a tenner and an hour or two to put in at most, so realistically expect to pay for half a day. Are you really letting damproofers loose on your home? :shock: