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    Hot Water Cylinder - Water Too Hot (Ed.)

    Bingo. Why has no one else spotted this?
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    What kind of MCB is this?

    Aside: why does the double pole isolator have a security seal on it?
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    Drayton Lifestyle LP722 timing issue

    Isn't the top slot also needed, for linked or independent? It doesn't look like it has a link in it at all.
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    Moving ceiling rose

    This all seems complicated and too much wire. Wouldn't it be better to put one of these in the loft at the location of the existing rose, and then simply output a single T+E from this to the position of the new rose?
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    What cable to extend a Tesla mobile charger?

    I guess another issue with the letterbox: if it is dark and there's a fire in your house due to some overheating electrical component, can you still safely open the door while a cable is running through it and escape?
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    10A vs 13A (treadmill)

    More worrying though is why the prong broke off. You mean the plug end that goes into the wall?
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    Outdoor lights install

    This is the key. I know in my own house that the upstairs lights are like yours, with only a line and switched line in the lightswitches, and everything is looped in the ceiling roses, including the neutrals. Instead in my downstairs, the looping is done behind the switches. My theory as to...
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    EV are they worth it?

    Hundreds of scientists have considered your concerns when writing their report. Thousands of species of plants and animals have been going extinct for millennia due to natural processes, but that does not disprove man's involvement in extinction more recently, through destruction of habitat and...
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    recommendations for bulkhead light

    Can anyone recommend a good exterior bulkhead light to replace the broken one at my sister's house? It doesn't need PIR. Ideally would have replaceable bulb so the whole thing doesn't need replacing when the LED fails. (I'd rather limit my time up a ladder.) What brands of these things have...
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    Wifi control of electric heaters.

    Drayton Wiser do a device for switching a heated towel rail on/off, although it doesn't have a temperature control. But then can be scheduled using their app.
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    Ideal HE 30 Combi - central heating stuck on

    Don't combi boilers still have motorised valves in there somewhere? When my mum's CH got stuck on (despite any efforts with the thermostat, and albeit in a traditional non-combi boiler, open-vented Y-plan), it was the 3-port valve at fault and its microswitches stuck.
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    Resistor hot in bathroom extract

    Thanks John, this is very helpful. And yes, I was referring to the diagnosed autopsies that you put together, sorry for the confusion. The house had a dimmer fitted to the bathroom when I bought it, and the fan worked for several years (and I think the fan has been there since new, so now...
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    Resistor hot in bathroom extract

    Hi JohnW2, I'm interested in your discussions of the role of dimmers applied to those circuits, and it is good that the manufacturers appear to have thought of this possibility in their technical documentation, given that the usual consumer instruction manuals don't mention them at all. I had...
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    Smart light switch on mains appliance

    Drayton Wiser have a product exactly for this purpose:
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    Drayton two port 22mm valve body to replace Smartfit units? The numbers are all in here.
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    What are these stair parts called?

    Stair rods would be the bit at the back of the tread, wouldn't they?
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    Bath plug sizing question

    I came here to say "13 amp" but that doesn't work since you've included a photo. I guess it shows my age.
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    WD40 on TRV pin or not?

    Indeed, which is why I use GT85 on my bike chain rather than WD40. But there are many videos on Youtube of using WD40 to this effect, and indeed they even make this suggestion on their own website.
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    Hive Help! Heating wont turn off.

    Not an expert - my only experience with this is replacing a British Gas/Drayton UP2 with a Drayton Wiser. But could this be due to the live link you have between L and 3? The older controllers required this link to be in place, but the newer ones make the link internally. I think 3 is the...
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    WD40 on TRV pin or not?

    Hi folks, I've seen a lot of mixed messages on this. Is WD40 ok for having a go at loosening the jammed pin on a TRV valve (I mean on the part attached to the radiator, not the removable head)? I've heard some things about damaging the seals but some people say it is fine. If WD40 is no good...