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    Potterton puma 80e CH not working

    I had exactly the same problem, hot water works fine but, CH does not work.....check all your hot water pipes, make sure they are not leaking...check hot water taps for any drips....slightest drip (as was in my case) causes the CH system not to work. I have been notified that potterton's are...
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    Potterton boiler keeps cutting out

    Your not very specific, to what type of system you got, but im assuming you got a potterton combi boiler. I had exactly the same problem, the boiler makes banging noises, and eventually trips out on high temp stat. I found the problem to be with the DHW flow switch sticking. When DHW is in...
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    potterton puma 80 tripping

    Please help, i have a potterton puma 80 combination boiler, it is 4 years old. When the heating is on, it can run fine for a while, then make a hammering noise in the CH pipework, and trip the boiler. Once reset, it starts up again. I have bled the radiators, no unusual amount of air found...